I added my crush on facebook and he didnt accept niether denied it.

Okay so he's in my bus like we never had a friendly talk. Like ever! Cuz like he's always on his own and wttv. He's lookin thru the window and puttin his headphones on. I asked him once a question about a subject and he answered then he immediatly turned his face to the window he never gave someone in the bus a chance to talk to him! So I added him on facebook yesterday he didnt accept and he didnt deny it! So now I dunno if I should cancel the request or not cuz im afraid i'll look stupid or wtv! Pls tell me wt to do! Or should I wait one more day then cancel it pls tell me!
edit: I checked some of his pics ... He's not that cute .. Like as I thought he is ... So umm I cancelled the request ... Maybe he didnt see it right?!
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Anonymous User
Asked Sep 28, 2012
Edited Sep 28, 2012
If a person will not talk to you face-to-face, why would they be interested in typing messages back and forth? Until he's interested in talking, I'd forget Facebook.
Answered Sep 28, 2012
Did u ever asked ur self y ???
The thing that make him don't talk in bus 'll make him more not talk to u n Facebook,,,
Who he is ??? the only thing u know is the being member near u,,,
F u want a friendship just start by knowing more about the person u'll talk to,,,
other then this ignore it all, and keep him as he like to be in his own box of thought,,,
Answered Sep 28, 2012

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