Is my BEST FRIEND gay and does she like me?

she does stuff like rub my leg and kiss me if i'm sad and my other friend comfort me if i'm sad but not like that.
Asked Sep 27, 2012
ok jihada be descriptive because, if u want someone to answer it u need details. but by the looks of it she probably likes u. but where does she kiss u. and wat where u wearing when she rubbed ur leg. u c these r questions that people need answered to answer it. but by my theory maybe she does. but idk because u need a story of y u think of this. and does she rub ur leg occasionally, or when she kisses you is it on lip, cheek, neck, on the head, or what. srry if I was mean I speak my mind sometimes
Answered Sep 27, 2012
also what kind of stuff does she do?
She could just be touchy-feely. If you want to know for sure if she's interested in you, either look for clearer signals, or even better, find a way to talk to her about it.
Answered Sep 27, 2012
Just talk to her because she might be that around everyone, or you could ask someone to talk to her like one of her friends. Where does she kiss you? For example; if she kisses you on the lips she might fancy you but if she kisses you somewhere else she might not. Where does she rub your leg? Because that is also a sign. Hope this helped :)
Answered Dec 16, 2012

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