Trading binaries instead of forex

if I have a binary options account with a uk based broker, im from the uk, can I use my hot forex metatrader 4 platform (which is GMT+2 I think) to use as signals only and then go place them on my binary options account?

Its just because of the different time zones both brokers are, I though I may get wrong signals.

Im just new and starting out, thanks

Asked Sep 26, 2012
The price should be the same in every time zone as long as they represent the current price. If they have quotes in GMT that would take the time zones out of the equation.

If the two systems close at different times, it could be a problem if the closed market is showing the closing price rather than the current price. That most likely isn't a problem because most Forex is open 24 hours a day.

To verify that I would compare the prices are the same on both over a 24 hour period.
Answered Sep 26, 2012
Thanks alot Rob, just a newbie to this and still learning. But got a free strategy at another site and it seems pretty accurate, trading reversals on the 5m chart and placing a trade on my binary options account for a 15 min expiry time. Thanks again mate!
paulmcd Sep 26, 2012
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Answered Aug 11, 2014
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Answered Oct 15, 2014
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