I lost my virginity to my brother when I was 10.

Okay so I was a lil kid me and my bro were really close to each other so once we were workin on the laptop and wtv so we opened a link and we ended up in a porn site we kept watchin the videos until my bro was like "what r they doin?!" So I was like "i dunno ... " then he was like "well, u r a girl right?! And im a boy! So why dont we try?!" so I was like "okay" so we did it and wtv and now im 13 and I studied everything about sex and wtv so I regret it and now whenever someone asks me if im a virgin or not I just say I dunno cuz im embarrassed cuz I didnt even know what my bro and I were doin so I really need an advice ... Cuz this is gonna affect me later :/ thank you!
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Asked Sep 25, 2012
Edited Sep 25, 2012
Damn. U let yo brother tap tht ass. He liked tht shit dint he?
Mike3hunnaKidd that's disgusting omg
That must have been super tight pussy and ass
If it don't sit right with you go see a therapist.
ZiiZii Apr 07, 2014
You people are so lame expect sophiakay. SO FUCKING LAME
That sounds more like two kids experimenting than the sex people are referring to in the context of virginity. When someone asks if you are a virgin, tell them you are. You don't owe anybody an explaination for what is, in my opinion, a foolish childhood mistake.
Answered Sep 25, 2012
Eh?? Once is an honest mistake, twice is stupidity, but to repeatedly do it is inviting misery. Seriously, people who are genetically related aren't supposed to have sex again and again because they're at high risk of producing an offspring with multiple mutations.

It's not just low IQ or missing limbs we're talking about here. Inbreeding amongst the royal families in Europe have led to widespread cases of hemophilia in the Royal Princes. Other descendants suffered mental health problems, including schizophrenia (see The Madness of King George).

Although mythology teaches us that Egyptian deities Osiris and Isis were brother and sister before they became husband and wife, these stories aren't really applicable in real life. First of all, they're gods and goddesses. It's assumed they were born as perfect beings. When they mate, they're expected to produce another perfect being with extraordinary abilities.

However, there are also cases of accidental incest between siblings who were separated at birth or between a parent and a child who was put up for adoption immediately after birth. Later, when these long-lost relatives met each other as adults, they felt an intense sexual attraction towards each other. If these people had grown up together starting from childhood before adolescence, then the anti-incest mechanism kicks in and repels any attraction between siblings or blood relatives with feelings of disgust.

Behavioral scientists think this unusual attraction is an egocentric pull between two individuals with the same genetic code. The impulse to get to know the other person more deeply until an intimate bond is formed seems too strong and often misinterpreted as sexual desire. In most cases, both parties eventually succumbed to overpowering lust and consummated this desire. Naturally, those who were aware they're related experienced conflicting emotions afterwards.

If, at one point, these pairs of siblings or parent and child decided to get married, it's of course impossible in most countries, including the united States, where there are laws prohibiting marriage between individuals of first-degree consanguinity (blood relationship). This means marriage is not allowed between uncle-niece, aunt-nephew, brother-sister, parent-child, grandparent-grandchild, and first cousins. In comparison, countries like Japan, India, Pakistan and the Middle East have in their historical records up to 30% of marriages considered as consanguineous.

Once the authorities discovered your relationship, the legal system has the right to imprison you wherever incest is illegal. You'll get separated and denied any chance of seeing each other for a long time. That has happened before somewhere in Germany where a brother (adopted when he was a child) met his sister when he was already 20 yrs old. They fell in love as adults after their mother died and lived together as a couple.

The couple already had four children before they were discovered by authorities and the brother was sentenced to 3 years in prison in 2007. They tried to appeal to the German courts for the lifting of the ban on incest, but they lost in 2008. In 2012, the high courts in Europe upheld the decision of Germany to keep the status quo on incest laws.
Answered Dec 09, 2012
Very informative!!! Good stuff.
ZiiZii Apr 07, 2014
Yay one good man in here -_-
Thank god I thought it was cause he raped u.
Answered Dec 22, 2012
Nobody's perfect in life. I made mistakes as a kid too. Don't feel bad. It won't affect you later. Set this thing on the very back of your mind and don't think about it. A little kiddy mistake won't ruin your life. Trust me.
Answered Sep 25, 2012
you where a child they make mastakes you didnt know anybetter just put all of this in trash and think about your future trust me it help too think about your future im 15 and ive made mastakes in my child years but I dont worrie about it anymore
Answered Nov 03, 2012
listen virginity to me is nothing but a state of mind. u did it when u hadn't any idea about it. so u r a virgin. if any one ask u , u r not bound to answer. just chill friend. lv u
Answered Dec 10, 2012
Although it was a mistake, instead of beating around the bush, I'll say I honestly don't consider you a virgin. However it isn't fully your fault, your parents should have been supervising you while you were on the internet.
Answered Dec 22, 2012
Yea parents sometimes don't supervise alot
Well its okay you made a mistake just forget it you didn't know wat it dose or anything when you grow up you should make sure that dosent happend to you kids!
Answered Apr 13, 2013
Considering it already happened, you might be better off thinking less about what other people think and more about how you honestly think and feel about the situation.

Virginity: Tell people you are, and don't worry about it.

As for inbreeding and children... that depends on your luck... on what genes you have and how they combine, so if your genes carry trouble and you make that dominant, the kid has a headache on his hands (but bad combinations can happen with someone random too)
Answered Aug 17, 2013
You make me want to be an alien
Answered Sep 03, 2013
Anyone remember as a child sticking your Hans in deep holes trying too catch the little rabbit that went down there?? I do, me and my cousin both did that we were 9 and we were children. We had no idea what we were doing, this young girl had no idea what she was doing. Don't give her shit for a mistake made at a young age because everyone has made a mistake at a young age.
Answered Dec 04, 2013
Answered Mar 14, 2014
Some people might think deferentially and although it was a mistake your not a virgin. It was a mistake so you could tell people that you are. You might not be a virgin but don't let it affect your life. Your not pregnant, it was an accident and as long as you don't do it again you can tell people whatever you want. Btw how old was your brother?
Answered Mar 16, 2014
...I...I just...I don't...*drowns in my own blood*
Answered Apr 23, 2014
I guess its okay because u were trying it so u didnt get preggo or anything or didnt get herpes or aids so ur fine
Answered Apr 27, 2014
You just made a bad mistake. Just act like it never happened you were young and foolish. Just say yes if people ask if your a virgin.
Answered Apr 27, 2014
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Answered Jun 05, 2019
so, you liked it, do it again, second tim,e is way better for women
Answered Mar 05, 2021
Do it again
Answered May 17, 2021
Go for it! If you still enjoy sex together now, it is no-ones business but yours. Don't get pregnant and don't discuss it with anyone else
Answered Jul 25, 2021
Okay, first things first...never mention it in life ever again....
Im done for today...
Answered Oct 03, 2012
she is asking for help not criticism
Dont say that mannn if you got an opinion like that I would keep your mouth shut
I'm saying. this dude might. be fucking. his sister cause he had to Google something. about incest to get here
pussyi8 Feb 18, 2013
ZiiZii Apr 07, 2014
i did the same dont worry im 14 nnowt and my brother is 12 and I loved it , we still do it now so its fine!
Answered Dec 09, 2012
WTF get a boy friend you incest !!!!
ok brother thats kinda wierd
haha incest
Get a bf have sex with him or say u r a virgin it was a mistake
Answered Dec 22, 2012
was it nice?
Answered Dec 22, 2012
Who cares now! It’s over. Now its your business and nobody else.
Some one asks?
Just say that is to personal to answer
I will share the answer when it’s time and I feel comfortable with that person

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