Skin colored bumps that itch all over my body!

I have had a "rash" for 3 weeks. I went to the doctor several times and they cant figure out what it is. First they said it was an allergic reaction to something I was using. So I was precribed a steroid pack (oral pills) and a steroid cream. Neither of which did anything other than make me gain 6lbs.:-/. The rash consists of these very small skin colored bumps that started on my hip then slowly spread to my side and then now 3 weeks later is all over my body except my face. Each bump is about half an inch away from each other. Some are clustered together. Ive considered chicken pox but they dont have blistered tops. Not scabies or bed bugs, I've had an exterminator come and check my apartment. Also the bumps itch like crazy! Sometimes my arm will itch and there wont be bumps but once im finished scratching there are some risen bumps. My dad has a history or ezcema but the doctor ruled it out.on my legs it looks like heat bumps or small ingrown hairs but thats not either because there is not puss and they are not red. On the rest of my body (mid stomach area) they look like mosquito bites before they swell from scratching and on my chest it looks like zits without white heads and under my arms it looks like a mix between rosasia and mosquito bites. I cant stop the itching and they just keep spreading! please someone help me!
Asked Sep 20, 2012
I am so glad to know someone else has this problem. My bumps are all over my body, though they started in an area, and then appeared in another area, until now they are all over. Ohhh, how I itch! It has been frustrating because all the normal rashes are red, but like you, mine was flesh colored until I began scratching them, then they turned pink and red. Did you ever find a cause or cure? Have you tried the treatments mentioned below? Please help! You know my mysery!
i have the same problem I can stop itching to reduce the itch or make it go away for a little bit I used coconut oil
If it's something you're coming in contact with that you're allergic to, you may get some relief from a bath of colloidal oatmeal. Make sure you get the product intended for a rash and not the cosmetic skin treatment.
Answered Sep 20, 2012
Me and my 6 year old daughter have similar bumps. They are skin color until we turn red from scratching. They don't tend to be in clusters. Most are spread out and appear in certain areas at a time. Right now I have one on my wrist that is giving me the devil itching. This is one on my back, my ring finger knuckle and a few on my thigh in different spots. Last week they were on my lower abdomin spread all the way across the front and some on my butt. My daughter tends to have them on her lower legs and ankles. Thankfully hers have not spread like mine. We went to the dr. and they told us he had no idea what they were but they definitely were not scabies but that they appeared follicular. I don't know what this is but they are driving us crazy. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Answered Mar 15, 2013
Maybe poison ivy
Answered Apr 09, 2013
Has anyone ever found out what it was? I have these blisters now, they itch like crazy and appear mostly on my wrists and upper thighs, though I have some on my arms and butt and the newest ones are on my stomach.
I don't know what to do, since I don't have health insurance right now and can't really afford a doctor. I know it's not scabies and I am pretty sure it's not an allergic reaction.
Any advice???
Answered Jun 17, 2013
I had a bumpy rash that itched and began to spread from my back shoulder down my arm. I had it on the back of hand and wrist also and spreading. It may not be what you are dealing with but the solution may help you also. One evening I was lead to take a 20 min bath with 2 cups Ebson salt and a few drops of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils (the cheaper ones worked for me). By morning all the itch was gone and was gone for a few weeks. I could see the rash was still there. Then I got hot and sweaty one day and I started itching again so I rubbed a couple drops of the 2 oils on the itchy areas (if you do this... first try the oils with coconut oil or olive oil, etc. in a small area. To make sure you are not sensitive to it) and it took the itch away and after a few times the bumps/rash was gone completely. I hope this will help you and others feel better too. Best of Luck.
I had the same problem but only the bumps appeared on my lower legs only. The bumps were flesh colored and itched like crazy. I tried everything from oat meal baths to every kind of anti Ant-itch cream. I went to an ND. he said that it was caused from a Urniary tract infection caused from bacteria on food especially fresh and frozen vegetables and salad. He said to soak vegetables, fruit, and lettuce in vinegar water or a tiny bit of Clorox in a gallon of water. In addition to make sure to throughly cook frozen vegetables. He told me that a regular MD would not have picked it up and not have known what it was. For the treatment he gave me colloidal silver 1tsp. a day, an herbal mix that fights infections that he makes, and liquid mineral supplement (just the recommended dose on the bottle). It took a couple of days for the itching to stop but after a week the bumps were gone and they went away. Once in a while the bumps will come back when I eat food that is contaminated. You cant control food when eating out. So I start to take the mixture and they go away. You have to take it for at least two weeks. If you go to your doctor they probably will not pick up the bacteria in your urine. This was my experience with this problem. This is the only thing that helped. I would scratch my legs until the bled and could not sleep. You can buy the colloidal silver and liquid minerals on the Internet. At the very least this would help the problem. The infection herbal tincture you can't. If your taking medication or have any health problems you should consult your doctor before trying this or any other treatment. For children consult a doctor
about it before you start if you decide to try this as an option. This is my experience and is not meant to cure or diagnose any illness or disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.
Answered Jul 31, 2013
Edited Jul 31, 2013
my son is six years old and he just broke out in a rash it started on his chest now its all over his body from face to feet, its not red and there not big bumps it looks like goosebumps, I gave him some allergy medicine but hes still itching, What can I give him to make it go away???? comments and answers needed please
Answered Apr 29, 2014
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Answered Feb 21, 2015
I also had itchy bumps all over . The dermatologist said it was lichen planus. They have me cortisone injections monthly x 3 to help the itching but that doesn't explain why I got them or how to make them go away. I saw a homeopathic doc and decided to go gluten free and in 2 weeks they were gone. Unfortunately with scarring that has taken years to lighten . It might be a allergy . My dtr now has started with itchy bumps everywhere. They look different but I think it's a allergy. Taking her to a pedi than a allergist
Answered May 03, 2016
yeah it sounds like a Bad Rash
Answered May 03, 2016
Did anyone get an answer?
Answered Aug 03, 2017

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