My cat doesn't come home already 10 days.I am so worried.I tried to find him,but it's really no clue

I am really worried.Will my cat come home?It's already 10 days!I tried to find him around my house area,and I can't see him.HOW??! :(
Asked Sep 19, 2012
your cat may have been hit by a car and died
Well try puttung posters up and have you moved recently? If so check you'r old house?
Answered Sep 19, 2012
I tried,but no use.I haven't moved to any where though...
Sandara Sep 19, 2012
Well... you could try ringing round houses, I lost my cat, well an old lady found her and refused to give her back, sadly. Cats aren't very loyal.
Definitely check with local shelters and vets. Post lost posters. Search "find lost pet" and you'll get tons of suggestions.
Answered Sep 19, 2012
Edited Sep 19, 2012
thank you :)
Sandara Sep 19, 2012
Well my cat does that a lot and I get worried when he takes a lot of time without comming back but I know that cats are not stupid so I'm sure your cat won't go too far away. And when my cat runs away I comfort myself by knowing that cats know where their house is and thinking that if running away and living outside forever will make him happier than staying inside my house as a pet I will be happy too.
Answered Nov 11, 2012
go to all of your neighbors with a pic... my cat ran away for 3 month so dont give up hope... he never came home beacause 2 diff neighbors were feeding him on their porches.... I worked alot so didnt have a lot of time to look for him... tried to leave food out but dont have an enclosed porch so all I attracted was skunks squirrels and raccoons.
Answered Jan 26, 2013

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