Please answer it ASAP.--------------Biodiversity single choice

1. The nuclei of rapidly dividing cells
A. are the same size as those of normal cells
B. are large compared to cytoplasm volume
C. may indicate a cancerous condition
D. all of the above

2. The first to determine that DNA and RNA were different was
A. Irwin Chargaff
B. Friedrich Miescher
C. Louis Pasteur
D. Phoebus Levine

3. The first to discover the equivalence of base pairs (A = T) and G = C) was
A. Irwin Chargaff
B. Friedrich Miescher
C. Louis Pasteur
D. Phoebus Levine

4. Fred Griffith
A. developed a vaccine against pneumonia
B. created a complicated method of killing mice
C. worked to develop a vaccine against the influenza virus
D. discovered the role of DNA in transformation

5. Which of the following pneumonia preparations will kill mice?
A. live rough
B. heat-killed smooth
C. heat-killed smooth + live rough
D. none of the above

6. Which of the following enzymes would prevent transformation in the Avery, McCarty and MacLeod experiments?
A. protease
B. RNAse
C. DNAse
D. lipase

7. Avery McCarty and MacLeod's experiments were overlooked due to
A. the general belief that proteins were the genetic material
B. Levene's tetranucleotide hypothesis
C. World War II
D. all of the above

8. In molecular biology, "phage plaques"
A. were awarded to Avery, McCarty and MacLeod for their work
B. are regions of high bacterial growth
C. are cleared areas in bacterial lawns
D. are regions with low numbers of d'Herelle particles

9. The Waring Blender
A. is used to make smoothies
B. was invented by a band leader
C. was used to separate viruses from bacteria
D. all of the above

10. In 1900 Gregor Mendel's paper was re-discovered by
A. Hugo deVries
B. Erich von Tschermak
C. Carl Correns
D. all of the above
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