What is incoming mail server and outgoing mail server

when I set up an account in outlook express it requires "incoming mail server and outgoing mail server". what is it? and how can I know about my "incoming mail server and outgoing mail server"? although I can try google search but if I get quick hint by anyone so I will be thanks.
Asked Sep 08, 2012
All of the information needed to set up Outlook Express comes from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They are asking for the name of your ISP's mail servers. For example, Verizon's pop3 server is named "incoming.verizon.net" and smtp server is "outgoing.verizon.net."

If you don't know your setup info, ask your ISP.
Answered Sep 08, 2012
Edited Sep 09, 2012
without asking ISP is there not any other way that I can know about it. actually I am somewhat novice. please reply soon.
i visited "http://tomax7.com/office/Outlook%20Express%20Tutorial.htm"
actually I want to know can't I use my general gmail id for outlook express. is it compulsory that username and domain name will be provided by ISP. I have a internet connection of "airtel" so is it any ISP. in what form it provides user name and password.
Airtel's page on configuring POP3 email at the link below. I also read that Airtel requires that you pay extra to use it. You can't use a Gmail email address for Outlook. Gmail is an entirely different system (HTML) than the system used in Outlook (SMTP).

Rob Sep 09, 2012
thanks. I will try it. one question more--- how can I know what is my incoming mail server "POP3, IMAP OR HTTP" and what is my outgoing mail server. please reply soon.
although I always try google search but if you any best tutorial of outlook express. please tell me.
If you view the Email in your browser, it's HTML if you use a program like Outlook Express it's Post Office Protocol (POP) and sent by Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP).
Rob Sep 16, 2012
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