Buy a used car

I have no sufficient budget for brand new car, But I want a own transportation so I decided to buy a used car but I have no idea about to buying a used car. please give me any suggestion on buying a used car
Asked Sep 07, 2012
If you don't know much about car mechanics, try to either take someone with you that does know or see if the owner will let you take it to a mechanic for an assessment.

Once you know the make and model, look it up on the web site below to find the value. You need as much detailed information as possible to get an accurate number.

Think about the reason the current owner is selling it. If they bought another used car, be careful. Why would someone replace one used car with another unless they're having problems?

If you can get a written warranty on the engine and drive train, that's a big plus.
Answered Sep 07, 2012
If you're looking for used car, you must take someone that knows something about cars. Look for any corrosion signs and mileage. If mileage is surprisingly low, look at steering wheel or gear change leaver. If the material is rubbed off it means the clock had been turned. In that case don't buy a car

Also, have a look at car's history. If a lot of money was spent on it it means It had a problem and there might be complications in future.

If it's your first car, I'd advise you to buy car with small engine, up to 1.4 litre so you can learn how to drive a car properly, then you can move to something bigger.

If someone says the car had no accident or such thing, check if the steering wheel turns properly. If you feel any kind of resistance at some point or you can hear something suspicious from power steering, It means it had some kind of accident in past.
Answered Nov 11, 2012
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Answered Feb 28, 2014
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Answered Oct 20, 2014
I am myself not looking for a brand new car as I have just joined a company and my budget is low so the old car is good enough. I feel that the old car serves your budget and as well for time being its good since I have just learnt driving.
Answered Mar 27, 2015
If you are going to buy used car then you should keep in mind that Car Inspection is very important because some one can cheat you. Car inspector are highly experienced and professional individuals who keep track of checking every detail of a vehicle. Pre-Purchase Inspection are the best in car inspection they will guide in Car buying process.
Answered Nov 23, 2017
A used car is an affordable option for car buyers. But, you should not buy it without checking all the necessary things. Understand the guidelines and learn how to become successful in buying a used car. You may buy from
Answered Sep 10, 2018

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