Troubled teenager.I am madly in love with this girl.

I'm a 17 year old boy studying in Standard XII (High School)...
I'm Cool,nice and quite Outgoing kind of guy..I get along with everyone very fast...and I
make friends easily -
Recently I've started going to coaching classes (Well I'm Good in studies too :p) and I
like a girl there....I just Love her from the first day I saw her....and She's the most
unique girl I've ever seen in my lifetime till now.
..Reasons - 1) She Never had a Boyfriend till now.....Same as me
2) She never EVER talks to any boy in the class....and I mean NEVER EVER -
not even an eye contact ....she just ignores boys (But She Straight :P )
3) I asked her friend about her and she told my that my Angel HATES Boys -
She isn't interested in any relationships ....She just doesn't want any boy even as her
friend (Quite odd)
4) She's fine with girls - She laughs,enjoys and She's Brilliant in studies
5) She really really Beautiful , Smart and I love her Smile ...She noticed me
once looking at her but didn't care...I've just stared at her....and I talk to her friends
very freely - only she remains silent ....Can't really get the Perfect Time....
6) One of my friend told me that when she joined classes last year - every
boy fantasized about her - every boy tried to propose her but nobody could even talk to
her ....and This year I'm the only one pursuing her (I'm just 2 months old in
classes)...She rejected everybody .....
Now The PRoblem is that She's always surrounded by her 3-4 female friends....She
doesn't hang out (So she's a type of "Come late-go early" girl who just attends the
lectures) ....Now my friends tell me to go and talk to her (They tell me that She's

IMPOSSIBLE to get)....but I know I can impress her but it feels so awkward as
she never talks to any boy and She's always with her friends....What should I say?a

plain hello is so awkward.... What
should I do? I love her so much so I don't want to leave her .I want to get to know her

more...and I'm sure She'll love
me when she'll get to know me...
....... Please Help me ? I need Your help ..............
Asked Aug 31, 2012
just talk to her and spill your guts.
Answered Sep 01, 2012
Straight girls are easy to get; if you are telling the truth and act by your heart not playing(serious),,,
But first is she not attracted to male at all, this is difference then to get away from them...
The finding of a way to have someone is to know more about him first "this is a rule"
There are many types, one who is afraid of them. this will try to stay away and be in trouble if there is one(not here u said she ignored not interrupted),
one that heat man once she saw u she will look annoyed and as if she is angry once he came (not her also u said u talk with her friend and she continued to sit),
And there is the type who would like the good person who is smart and not a talkative, romantic and in the same time make logic rules(this type will only get bothered and ignore the other presence near her){this also can happen if she has a boyfriend or someone in her mind},
the girl who would go in a thinking look away of the group near her could had a break heart,,,

but here she looks as if she is trying to focus on her future to get rid of something in her mind and so get rid of any interruption or relation....
This what I know from my society,,, Find who she is to be able to inter her heart and make couple than, otherwise just ignore that idea at all... ^^
Answered Sep 01, 2012

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