What book to read?

I know this isn't a real problem but it really is to me. I have Autism and OCD and my OCD is quite severe while my Autism is roughly middle spectrum. Becuase of both Autism and OCD I need to keep a routine or I 'flip out' basically and at the moment I have been reading the Harry Potter series for the second time, I've finished the third and I'm half way through the fourth, I have also began to read another book I recently purchased and I can't read two books at the same time, I'm getting extremely annoyed and angry because I have to be reading a book most of the time, if I am not reading I don't feel right if you understand what I mean. Anyway everytime I pick up one book I get furious that I'm reading the wrong book and I can't settle. Please don't take this as me overreacting but I haven't been sleeping properly and because it it stressing me out I have been over eating too. Please help me I don't know which to read or how to settle myself. Please help. Thank you.
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Asked Aug 29, 2012
Hmm since you've already read the Harry Potter, which is an excellent series by the way, I'd say go with the one that you just got. Since you've already read the Harry Potter series twice, why not give the new book more focus?
Answered Aug 29, 2012
Reading is a wonderful thing to do with your time. Either book you read is the *right* book to read when you're reading it.
Answered Aug 30, 2012

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