What could cause these symptoms?

I only ask on here because both my consultant and gp can't see me for almost a month and I'm going crazy!

For my whole life I've had a back ache. About 6 years ago I started getting a sharp pain in my hip and a severe ache radiating down my hamstring. The sharp pain was torn cartilage I've had surgery for but the ache has remained. For the last 3 months I've started getting numbness in my fingers and feet, and a burning pain in my left shoulder. And now for the last few weeks my ankles knees and wrists have started aching with every movement.

On top of all this I have a constant headache, I'm always tired and sometimes my hands shake and I lose coordination in them. It took me 5 minutes to zip my coat up yesterday.

I've had about 4 different doctors tell me the leg pain sounds like sciatica but not one of them has ever tested me for it.

Could these all be linked or am I just unlucky enough to have many different problems?

And again, don't know if it's related but I am ALWAYS cold
Asked Aug 29, 2012
The diagnosis will be based on X-rays and tests but some of your symptoms sound like rheumatoid arthritis with possible nerve damage. But that's just a guess.
Answered Aug 29, 2012
good medical info. surprised?!!
My4649 Aug 30, 2012
A Dr isn't likely to do any test for sciatica. 'Pain Management' doctors can treat this. Hey--why wait for a month to see your gp---write down all your symptoms and try a web MD site. Monitor your temperature with the headaches, cold feeling, and body aches.....menningitis is serious business. I would go to the ER. Additionally, a full blood panel should be ordered, and diabetis testing. The body is so complex that everything is connected and affected. I think that your symptoms are connected.
Answered Aug 29, 2012
Same as Rob these symptoms are mostly related to the rheumatoid arthritis ,
did u had a tonsillitis before or are there is any edema (swelling) present?
the progression on that way most likely to go on that line..
Answered Aug 30, 2012

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