I like my best guy friend but I'm not sure if he likes me back.

My friends always tease me and him, saying that we'd make a perfect couple. We always glare at them and say shut up and that we don't like each other, even though I do like him. Some of my friends know that I like him. I also think he knows that I like him. He hasn't been talking to me as much as we used to lately.

On Facebook, one of my friends who knew about my crush (and a previous one) posted a status where it says "Inbox me a number and I'll write something about you." So I messaged her and she gave me advice on my crushes through a status. She did use codes though, but my crush commented asking if it was me. My previous crush had also commented. She had thought I still liked him and the other at the time. She also had told my previous crush that I liked him, which ruined our already bad friendship even more. I told her that I didn't like him anymore. After my crush saw that, he kept asking who I use to like. He asked the names of all of my guy friends, including him. I asked why was he so interested in it? And he stopped asking.

He had also asked out his crush, but she rejected him. I was the one who told him to do so.

A month later, he suddenly seemed really sad. I kept asking him what's wrong, but he wouldn't tell me. He told these two other guys though.

Later that day, he messaged me on facebook. He was about to tell me why he was sad. But I thought that it would make him upset by talking about it. So I told him that if he didn't want to tell me, then it would be ok. Its been two months since that and I'm still wondering about it.

About a month ago, a guy that he had told the reason to, had gotten really mad at me, and said some pretty harsh words, to the point where I started to cry when though he had said it through a computer. My crush asked me if I was ok, and I told him I was crying. He started to say stuff on how the guy that made me cry was going to pay, and I laughed at that. I told him thanks and that I wasn't crying anymore.

2 weeks ago, me and the guy who got mad at me weren't really mad at each other anymore. He still said I was his enemy for life though. Since he knew the reason why my crush was sad, I asked him. He said that it was because of me and that he was heartbroken. In our earlier conversation, he was talking about that he already got revenge on my crush and was still trying to get revenge on me. This made me feel that he was lying about the reason, as a way for revenge.

I also keep insisting that he (my crush) likes this other girl (who is also my friend) who has many guys that like her. I also bring up other people that he liked (some not for real) just to tease him. This other girl is more of his best friend than me now. They have the conversations that we use to have. I told her that he might like her, and she said no, he definitely likes you. She also knows that I like him. She asked me if I get jealous. I told her that I don't. And what I said used to be true, but I'm only human.

Adding to all of this, I found out that he was transferring to another school. He asked me for my help, even to ask my mom to convince his not to let him go. It didn't work so he is still transferring. My mom had said "he doesn't want to go because he doesn't want to leave my daughter." that to her [ahem] boyfriend.

All of my friends and even my family are convinced that he likes me. I can never be sure though.
Asked Aug 25, 2012
Ask him the day he leaves. And tell hi you like him and he will be like man I wished I asked you out sooner!
Answered Nov 09, 2012
or private message him on Facebook..... sorry I didn't see the date!
Well I think he does so ask him if he ever had I crush on by just be like one of my best guy friends like me then ask him has he ever had a crush on u
Answered Aug 25, 2012
I am shure he likes you there is no other reason to be so nice except brotherly
Answered Nov 20, 2012
Ok he likes u defo. u shud just tell him. he seems quite shy about it tho, so to make it intermitt and cute whisper it into his ear."this is hard for me to say but I honestly like u" and check out his response or reply <3 hope this works for u u shud give it a try.... xXx
Answered Dec 16, 2012

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