Okay, I really need help on this please :)

i am a male and I usually masturbate. the big problem is (for me its big) is that I need to stop. or at least learn to control my mind so that I can stop when I feel like. the thing is after I masturbate, I get this very guilty feeling. yes I am a teenager and yes I know I have raging hormones. the question is, how do I control the feeling of wanting to masturbate? it just happens randomly. I may be sitting on the computer or playing a video game and it will happen, the feeling to masturbate. I have read that other people too have similar feelings after masturbating (the guilt feeling) and I really want to stop. I know that you cannot stop forever but I also know that you can control it, I just don't have that kind of will power to control my own mind. please its really serious and I really don't want answers of "its an okay thing to do" or "why do you feel this way?" I just want a good answer. I have heard that meditation can help you get at peace and build your self control. any tips on meditation maybe? to relax my mind and to cleanse it of filthy thoughts? and any other ways I could maybe stop. I know it is a long process and you cant just stop in a day but I need to try and stop and with some tips on how I really think I can do it and that will boost my will power and confidence even more. thanks :)
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Asked Aug 15, 2012
You want to "stop when I feel like" but you're obviously doing it because you feel like it too. It's the age old conflict between the mind and the flesh. Work out a schedule of how often you think you're entitled to give in to nature's urge without feeling guilty and mark the days on the calendar.

I would feel guilty about doing something that violated the laws of nature but your sexual feelings are provided by nature. Given the choice between feeling guilty and feeling horny, I'd have to go around feeling guilty. :-)
Answered Aug 15, 2012
Edited Aug 15, 2012
That's a totally natural feeling bro. We've all felt guilty about masturbating. Even girls. There's no reason to feel guilty about it though. We grow up learning that sex is this terrible thing only for adults, and if you do anything related to it you're being bad. Sometimes it's religion, sometimes it's your parents. Either way, it's not a bad thing, especially for guys. Guys need to masturbate or have intercourse to release semen. If you don't, you will most likely have what are called "Wet Dreams" they are usually sex-oriented dreams, and you usually ejaculate during them. Masturbating can help get rid of them. Now, there is a time and a place for everything. Masturbating should be done in solitude, unless you are having a mutual masturbation session with a sexual partner, but judging by your question, you don't have one. You should maybe try the shower, or your bedroom when everyone is asleep or gone. Don't do it in public bathrooms or in your room when mom is watching tv. Hope I helped a little. Also, if you want to stop that badly, then find a hobby. Drawing maybe? You can do that at night or whenever you feel that urge.
Answered Aug 15, 2012
Focus on something which you like other than masturbation which will help you to stop this habit.
Answered Dec 20, 2012
you need to get a girlfriend man, wish someone had told me that when I used to masturbate. I wasted so much sperm masturbating. don't waste yours get a girlfriend.
Answered Jan 10, 2013

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