What does marijuana do to your body?

I would like to know about what marijuana does to your body. In what ways is it harmful and why is it illegal? What are some positive things it can do for you? I only want these questions to be answered about marijuana, not acid, or anything else.
Asked Aug 12, 2012

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i am sorry if I am interrupting anything now. just wanted to add some things about marijuana myself. well in short, marijuana is bad. just plain dangerous. the problem is most people (alot of teens) don't have an idea of this. the thing is marijuana is a mild hallucinogen which basically means it makes you hallucinate and also it has some of alcohol's depressant properties. what most teens do is smoke it to get away form anything that might be troubling them. or the do it because its 'cool'. whatever the case, it still has the same effects. I am a teenager myself and I did some reading on this when I saw this question and I learnt that its honestly really bad. marijuana reduces your learning ability meaning you cannot absorb and retain information. chronic marijuana smokers can get: chest colds, bronchitis, emphysema and bronchial asthma. baisically the same effects of smoking there. but marijuana is worse because you are more prone to cancer by smoking marijuana one time then you are smoking five tobacco cigarettes. I guess the tough part is trying to explain to people that it is indeed dangerous to smoke and a reason as to why it should be illegal. yes, you can say cigarettes are bad too but this takes it to another level.... try putting this into more understandable words because i'm pretty sure most younger people do not know what the term 'bronchitis' is. I know that it is probably easier said than done when trying to convince someone to stop something like this but if you are really determined I am pretty sure you will be able to convince them the right thing either by explaining the effects or in your own unique way :) please correct me if I am wrong in any way :D
Answered Aug 15, 2012
Edited Aug 15, 2012
When you answer questions here, you're never "interrupting." Great answer!
Rob Aug 15, 2012
thank you :)

Thank you hussain1234:) This was very helpful, and like Rob said, you are definitely not interrupting anything. I have an idea of what bronchitis is and your answer is very helpful in that you listed good reasons why marijuana is harmful. I am very determined to help these people I know stop smoking, I have already talked to them, but the part that seemed to be missing was the facts. You gave me some facts and I think it will help me next time this tough situation comes up again:) Any more advice of facts would be greatly appreciated:) Thanks
well if you are caught smoking it, you are likely to get into great trouble. I don't know about the consequences about that because I have never even seen marijuana. but if the consequence is jailing then you could try scare someone with the fact that they might be imprisoned but only if it is a consequence, don't go saying if its not true :) you are more likely to find your facts if you research yourself. of course there is google which is of great help when it comes to information. other medical sort of facts are that short term uses could increase your heart rate and if one has heart disease or high blood pressure, it can worsen it. anxiety attacks or feeling of paranoia (short term uses again). long term uses- studies show that there is a potential chemical in marijuana called THC. now I am not sure exactly what it really is but they say it can "adversley affect human brain and....
mental health. long term use of marijuana suppresses the production of hormones that regulate the reproductive system in both men and women. long term use increases the risk of heart attacks (highly increases it!). can cause cancer too. now these points can be helpful in convincing whoever it is. you just need to show them how painful, sad, dangerous a heart attack, a brain damage or cancer could be. if you see a patient with cancer.... its truly scary. to know that you are so close to death. honestly, its not only sad for the people smoking, its sad for their families too right? you need to show them how dissapointed they would be. my best bet would be to scare them with the thought of getting such horrid diseases. but then again, it will not be easy to give up something if they have been doing it for some time. the thing is with addicts, they will take one, they will be abke to stop...
It makes you hungry and makes you laugh while you eat.

For two years, I lived in a country where there were no drug laws. You could walk into a pharmacy and buy any drug off the shelf without a prescription. In light of the way drugs are looked at under most legal systems, one would expect a country like that to have addicts laying in every alcove for blocks. But I never met a single addict there. If you asked the locals where the addicts were, they would reply, "Why would anybody take medicine if they're not sick?"

That's a great question. The fascinating thing about marijuana is that the demand for it is greatest in areas where the laws are most restrictive. Could it be that those restrictions are adding a mystique to it that increases the demand? If the government forced everybody to smoke weed every day would they feel oppressed, rebel against the government and drink a soda instead? :-)

Answered Aug 12, 2012
Edited Aug 13, 2012
Well thanks for sharing a little about your background...I think that you have a good point and I agree that it's interesting to see the demand in areas with different laws about marijuana. I however, live in a state where it is illegal. I don't smoke, but I know people who do who I am very close with and I can never seem to explain to them what the negative effects are when you smoke. I only mean to do this because the people I know that are doing it are influencing young kids and myself to do it, too. In my situation, I am trying to be someone these kids can look up to and realize they don't need it, but others will make it seem ok, or it's not bad, but, they have their age limit...I guess I would just like to know what to say in this situation because I will never get out of it, and because I really care about these people. You know, if any of that made sense:P
I think it's clear that people who smoke regularly do it to escape. If they understand that, the key question then becomes, what is it about their life that they want to escape from and would it be better to deal with the real cause than continuously treat the symptoms with weed?

Keep in mind that we can't change each other, we can only change ourselves. Everybody makes their choices and they have to live with the consequences of what they choose. Their choice is whether they want to do it and your choice is whether you want to deal with them or not.
Rob Aug 13, 2012
Well I know for sure that these people I know are surrounded by this influence of weed in the family. The younger kid in the family is in Jr.high and I'm in high school. She usually asks me about things like this, and I try to encourage her not to smoke because I know she's influenced but I want her to realize that you don't need weed to be happy and that I'll be there for her as her big sister(even though I am not related). I found out a few days ago that she has started smoking with her friends. I talked to her uncle (more like her brother) about himself smoking and influencing her. After the conversation was interrupted, I found myself wondering is smoking really as bad as I think? But I still don't want to smoke for the sake of the young girl. Right now I just don't know what to say to her or her uncle while not being influenced myself. I guess I am just very confused at this point:P
Pardon, KOoneThreeC,,, for ur question the same as Mrs.Rob said there is no way to start the treat of any addicted person if he is not willing to even if he has been treated by force he always back to using it..

But i'll suggest some ideas...find what they care about in there life more then there lives and then focus on that thing to make the cannabis as a source to lose that thing for example if a mom who has love her children so much tell her how that can make her lose her son,,,if a school student see his\her relation and how they would be destroyed by that plant because of the losing of focus on the activity he\she likes and so losing his popularity...etc.
and so just try to make that focus and keep on following up the person you are helping to not let him go to different people who would complicate it...
(Care not to be as the bad person in there mind who try to steal there lovely thing that release the worry and so you are nothing but a person who tried to look good and to make himself a thing) ,,,
This way somehow was helpful in treat the addiction of drugs and opium for many I saw with my study at a clinic, but they had the family help in that,,,
There must be for any person a thing that he is afraid of losing, that mostly a psycho.Dr. use to treat the main problem "to heal the problem by the person" this if not going to use too much drugs and to help him by family and not directly, but if there is a will to do that from him this is useful,,,

"I found myself wondering is smoking really as bad as I think? " y to say so,,,the smoking may not be that bad are you really willing to the betting by your life? there is people who stay in good health even with being really heavy smoker by there genetic character, but this is not a thing that Dr.can tell for sure without you use it....just a betting depend on the think; maybe I'll be normal as them, and once they find it was wrong, there is tow line to go on: continue coz. of the like to(or say I have no other chance it's for someone sake (and he don't care really if you would get worse coz. he don't think it is bad...)),, or stop but regret the first start,,,,I'm not making fun of your word but the way to keep thinking in all details is the right way not to lose to a talk to an addictive and so on forgot or go in the same as he is by his needed good way of thinking to prove the logic of having bad thing and tell that itz good not a hell with a serious special way of reasoning...no one care of others can let them drop to that bad thing even he is feeling good there are the other symptoms he don't want you to test so try best to not make you the same,,,
losing the believe that it is wrong is making all the try to stop others useless and better to stay away of then being part with without conc. in...1st make the believe inside your mind as a mountain that never move by the wind...then go on....

By the way what they heat...to make one I know stop smoking they use the worst taste he would feel nausea with mixed on the cigarette without he knows, so when he took that one he never back to use it, he feel the same once he see, it but take care the person who used that trick was a dear so he didn't combine that feel to her instead of the cigarette and the use not to let him think this one is bad only but that all are reminding me to the same worse feel...
pardon my way...i wanted to answer that,,,but I don't have time to stay long in net. to tide it to be in suiitable way...i had my study....g.luck...
Answered Aug 17, 2012
I'm sorry, for the most part I didn't totally understand your answer...But! I did understand the first paragraph and actually I tried it. This guy I know is about to go to college for a job he really likes and he also has a volunteer job that has to do with what he's going to study. I told him if you get caught, you can't do this job or it will make it very very hard to do. He told me I don't smoke during the school year, he says he limits himself...Then I tried telling him how this younger girl in the family really looks up to you and she thinks smoking is ok because you do it. He somehow changed the subject on that one even though he doesn't think people should smoke at young ages like that.
Well,,pardon that, I used the medic.&analysis way&it mostly not clear,,
the think of what he likes need the prove, by making him c similar by his own eyes, but the way you talked about one who he is in a use tells that he is not addictive totally, but that cannabis help him, there may b many problems that he forget them for few time by it and so feels better..& so solving the problems &the going on many works away of the site of it can help,,
2nd paragraph was about thought of the addictive coz. you said in one paragraph a word of confusion
3rd paragraph z just a trick that was used to let a smoker stop by addition of what he heat (without telling him) &mix it with the substance of the cigarette which result the self refuse to it any more
i found that Mrs.hussain1234 gave u what you need, to contact with him this will help you better so I'm leaving work to him, but f you want a thing say
My4649 Aug 18, 2012
I understand it now:) the trick you mentioned, with making it taste bad(right?) sounds like a neat way to make them want to stop...I don't know if I would do that though:P If I wanted to, I don't know how I would be able to put it in the weed or cigarettes before they use it. I think that I will also take your advice and try researching it a little bit myself and see how that goes. If you happen to find some sites with good information about marijuana and bad effects to the body, it would be awesome if you could tell me the links:) But if not, that's fine too:)
Thanks again for your advice:)
Sorry to b late I ‘m busy too much so I wasn’t able to use net. darling, well c,,,my readings are from the medical books of my study, f u r willing to read medi. books and search in them (it would be difficult there’s some terms depend on other subject info.,but if u can deal with this, that would be great(some of them with that subject are: Harrison, Humes - Kelley's Textbook of Internal Medicine, Cecil Textbook Of Medicine, drug addiction, the Adverse effects of cannabis and cannabinoids, Textbook toxicology).
If you want websites, these are some which I think that they would contain some of the needed info. and so decided to give the most suitable to u not just which talk about topics in a mix way,,
My4649 Aug 21, 2012
Sorry that I can’t give specialist ones those detailing more in the psyco. Depart and I had no time for such search to detect which coz. I had exams from sat. So I’m busy, forgive me this is all I can give u for now and these all talk about the effect in good way that I like,,,
My4649 Aug 21, 2012

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