Hi all :) i'm really small and I am seriously looking to get bigger. advice?

okay so I am 15 years old and I am looking to get bigger than I am.. hopefully much bigger. everyone I am with seems to tell me that I am skinny and need to eat more. that must be the case however, I do think that I eat fairly enough. my background is somewhat of indian and that comes with the indian diet which is not the healthiest of them all I must say! but not completely unhealthy that it causes problems.i am quite tall and looking just to put on some weight and stay fit. now obviously I already know that it will take some time but I am willing to try :) and tips on diet? foods that will make me put on some kilos and some meat on my bones! and also some exercises. although that I am currently doing. but I need the right diet to go with the exercising. thanks so much :)
Asked Aug 11, 2012
to gain weight this is a website that talk about this topic I know some people used them before:

for me I'm advising you to go to a specialized doctor in nutrition to detect your state and what is best for you..because gaining weight is not the purpose, but to 've a healthy body while gaining suitable amount of pounds in relation to your age and body growing up....

In general you easily gain weight by having food that contain proteins and (if possible honey is v.good as 2 spoon per day at last )have more of the fruit and vegetables and the water (not directly after exercises),and the nuts...
the exercise would be the type that need whole body moves with weight rising...
Answered Aug 11, 2012
thanks, this was helpful :)
For every 3500 calories you consume above the number of calories you burn, you gain one pound. The average person burns around 2,000 calories per day so, if you eat 3750 calories a day and live an average lifestyle, you will gain one pound every other day or about 15 pounds per month. There are a lot of variables in the equation but that's the mathematics of weight gain/loss.
Answered Aug 11, 2012
thanks a bunch. any idea on the foods which contain high calories? and if we lose around 2000 calories a day then how much do we gain in a day on average?
If you ate 3,500 calories a day, 2,000 of them would be burned (assuming you're about average) leaving 1,500 to apply to your weight. At 1,500 per day you would gain almost one pound every other day (1,500 X 2 days = 3,000).

Pasta, rice, bread, meat and cheese all have plenty of calories.
Rob Aug 12, 2012
thanks alot :) helpful, as always!
just onnneee more question if you don't mind. those foods you mentioned in your comment, how much of them do you think I would have to eat? would I have to eat alot of rice and bread and meat for example to gain those type of calories.. again, I am 15 and not sure if I mentioned but my appetite is not very large.
In the US, food is packaged with nutritional information. The label will have "serving size" and the number of calories. If the serving size is 8 ounces for example and the calories say 300, that means there are 300 calories in every 8 ounces you eat.

If that information isn't on the packages where you live, there's a list at this web site:

Rob Aug 12, 2012

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