Help with understanding IP address

I have a friend I chat on the internet with.They say they are from Malaysia. When I check the IP address in the first reference going up from the sender the IP comes up either from California, Nigeria, United Kingdom, but only once from South East Asia and that was from Thailand.
Am I being fooled or is it possible that from their location these are the first places to recieve the message?
Asked Aug 11, 2012
Consider that being "From" Malaysia sounds like they used to be there. Wouldn't they say, "in Malaysia" if they're there now?

A chat room doesn't set up a direct point to point connection between 2 computers. Your transmission goes to the chat service and it routs it to the person on the other end. The same is true when they send a message back to you. I suspect the IP address you're looking at is the address of the chat service, not the other party to the connection.

Go to Internic's Whois server (link below) and look up the IP address. Type the IP address in the box (like then click on the bottom button that says "Nameserver," then click submit. It will display the registration information for that domain. You also may be able to enter the IP in your browser to see what site it connects to.

Answered Aug 11, 2012
Edited Aug 11, 2012
Thanks Rob. Actually its not in a chat room. we simply send e-mails back and forth. I use gmail and they use yahoo rocketmail. Also they tell me they have an apartment in Puchong Malaysia. I just want to be fooled and waste time talking about life with a phoney. I dont want to call them out on this until Im sure.
Some times an end run around the technology works better. Buy a silly gift card, don't tell them anything about what it says and ask them where you can mail it to. If they won't give you an address, there's your answer.
Rob Aug 11, 2012
Honestly, your IP address doesn't have that much to do with where you live. Some can be grouped together, (I live in east central kentucky, but my IP area code covers most of kentucky and some of indiana and ohio.) Also, you wouldn't need an IP address to do direct chat. you can use a service like Skype, which does everything for you. The only time you would really need someone's IP is if you were setting up a gaming server, and you wanted people to play on it. Consider your IP address like your email address. [email protected] Your email only goes one way, to john's inbox. But to get there, it has to connect to many wires and links set up through
Answered Aug 11, 2012
So if I suggested to set up skype to chat Then I would know for sure their exact location? Thanks
no... skype is an example of a chat service I gave. You can know their location through skype if they allow you to.
There's a website named where we can trace the exact geo location of the particular IP-Address or Host name known to our knowledge.I suggest you to visit the website and be clear in your quests.
Answered Aug 28, 2012
Edited Aug 28, 2012
The question was where are the emails coming from. A Whois search just tells you where the registrar is located. When you are exchanging email, it doesn't tell you where the counter party to the email is. GMail is a product of Google but it's used world-wide.
Rob Aug 28, 2012

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