How do I tell my parents I have a gf? (I'm a girl)

Okay so it's my first girlfriend never liked girls before until her and I can honestly say I'm in love for the first time. So I guess it's kind of important for my parents to know? I just want them to be happy for me and support me this hasn't been an easy ride. We have decided we are going to live together but first she has to move in with me at parents house too save up - parents know she is coming but they think it's just a friend. I'd really like them to know because she means everything to me and I'm proud to call her mine so I shouldn't have to hide her. It's just how the hell am I supposed to word this shit? Why is life so god Sam complicated lol guess it let's you know your alive....all advice accepted and appreciated. Thanks x
Asked Aug 05, 2012
Take your time figuring out what to do. Telling them now might not be the best approach. Try thinking about what's best for your ongoing relationship with your parents, not just what you want right now. You might want to postpone telling them until you're self-sufficient.

If you think your parents are going to have a problem with this, then you need to think seriously about bringing it under their roof... Can you two stay someplace else. Or can she stay with her folks?

If you're going to stay there, you two should respect their feelings and cool it until you've got your own place. Your parents aren't going to like being lied to when you tell them, so be prepared for that as well.
Answered Aug 09, 2012
I agree with skyDancer. If your family has negative feelings about homosexuality, it's better to have them suspect you're gay for a while than to create a shocking situation where regrettable things might be said.
Answered Aug 10, 2012
... especially a shocking situation that ends with you out on the streets!
How to tell them I have a gf when she's a foster child they know I am "just friends" with her and my parents know I'm LGBTQ+ (queer/ pansexual) she makes me happy and I knew her for a long time I'm 12 and she is also we have musical theatre (1st period for me 2nd for her) I just don't want her to get hurt from her grandma because she's getting adopted soon and I don't want to lose her Friday she had heart surgery #107 and her heart is stabilizing now. But how should I tell them...?
Just tell them straight up i'm gay. If they are understanding, as parents should be, they will be accepting and will help you. If they are really defensive Christians, then you are screwed.
Answered Aug 09, 2012
ok go up to them and say mum dad theres this girl I know shez really nice and she is bi and likes me dont get the wrong ider but what would you guys say if me and her ever dated? just say that and see what they say I mean like they are your parents they should love you for who you are like my mum did when me and my bro told her me n him were gay she didnt mind :3 goodluck! :3 lol chu dont need it I beleave chur parents will be fine with it :3
Answered Aug 11, 2012
well she's here now we still haven't told them she's been here for a week and things are going well they like her...I was at her place and my mum was texting me a lot telling me she missed me and that she loves me and she's always said she'd love me no matter what.. I sorta think she knows because mums know everything But I just don't know how to say it lol! thanks for the advice guys! much appreciated x
Don't tell them. Why should you if you aren't comfortable. Wait till you are. But it's not like they need to know, it's not a life or death matter. Just wait until you think it's the right time.
Answered Aug 28, 2012
ok thanks :)
i agree gspice I told my mum that I was a bi but I did it because I was scared and confused but I did at the right time when I was ready and now I fell much better because I got help and I wasn't so scared or nervouse so just tell your parents when your ready then they might sopport you but if they dont I will
absf12 Sep 01, 2012
thank you I'm just scared That they will be disappointed because I've been lying to them? it's hard though I'd love to tell them things would be a lot easier for me.and my gf I hate sneaking about lol.
i have the same problem but my gf dont live with me
Answered Mar 20, 2014
honestly if you think they will take it well then sit them down with her also, and tell them what is truly happeneing. if they love you (wich they should cause there your parents) they shouldnt havea prob with it. and if its love, they cant argue if they truly want your happiness. good luck :) and im very happy for you btw
Answered Mar 22, 2014
u should u know just straight out tell them. Bc ur parents should never b ashamed of who u r:)
Answered Mar 22, 2014
thats true but some parents also may not accept it. so its good to be careful sometimes
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