Which roller coaster should I ride?

I'm a 12, almost 13 year old girl and have never been on a roller coaster before. I'm going to go to Michigan's Adventure soon, and I want to ride one. The one that looks best for me to try is a junior coaster that looks surprisingly thrilling. The thing is, it's wooden. I've heard that wooden coasters are really painful, so I'm a little scared to try. My best friend will be there with me and she agreed to go on my first coaster with me, no matter which one I wanted to try. Here are my questions.

1. Will I look like a baby going on a junior coaster?
2. Are wooden coasters really that painful? Even if it's a junior one?

Thanks to the people who (hopefully) answer this!
Asked Aug 05, 2012
A wooden roller-coaster is a bit rougher ride because it's running on tracks and therefore can't do many of the acrobatic turns a metal coaster does. I wouldn't call it "painful" but they tend to make people nervous because they look less stable and they're designed to flex to absorb the energy of the shifting weight of the cars. Without the flexibility, the wood could break with very dangerous consequences. Still, when you're up high and feel it shifting under you, it can produce some real underwear changing moments. :-)

You won't look like a baby going on ANY roller coaster. Remember the people looking at you from the ground are down there because they're scared to even get on the junior rides.
Answered Aug 05, 2012
Edited Aug 05, 2012
Thanks SO much! I'm not nervous at all anymore! Now I can't wait to go!!
EmFi Aug 05, 2012

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