Statistics ( Probability)

Consider an experiment of rolling a single six sided dice. Let p be the population proportion (classical probability) of rolling a 2. What is the value for p? explain reasoning.
p^ (hat) is a sample proportion (empirical probability) of 2's rolled. Simulate experiment of rolling a single die 200 times to find your sample statistic, p^(hat). The count next to the roll 2 is the frequency to use to compute the empirical probability.

Simulated experiment of rolling 200 times:
face 1- 38
face 2- 26
face 3- 26
face 4- 34
face 5- 31
face 6- 45
Asked Jul 31, 2012
Not sure I understand your question. Assuming that the die is perfectly balanced, it doesn't make any difference how many times a number has appeared before, the chance of any one number hitting on the next roll is always one in six.
Answered Aug 01, 2012

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