Could you build a house here?

This is probably a hard question, but could you build a house on the Musala, Bulgaria. Musala is the tallest point in the Balkan region with about 9,500 feet. There is a scientific research building there, and I'm just wondering if a Bulgarian citizen can build a residential home there, or at least near it. If someone can answer this question, then I really thank you in advance.
Asked Jul 26, 2012
From an engineering standpoint it is certainly possible. The cost of transporting materials to the site would be much higher as they would likely have to be put there by helicopter. Other things to consider would be water and sewage.

The big challenge would be obtaining ownership of the land and navigating the bureaucracy to build there. Bulgaria has a considerable amount of corruption in public administration, a weak court system, and organized crime. Even if it were possible to buy the land, an outsider wanting to live atop one of their prized national monuments would need an unlimited supply of cash to keep everybody happy.

It would be much more doable to build in the area of the base of the mountain where the resort area is located.
Answered Jul 27, 2012
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Answered Feb 18, 2013
Really they are thanked for there hard work to build houses at the top points. The building is for scientific research center. It will better to install prefabricated building instead of contemporary building.
Answered Nov 17, 2015

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