Does an American man have the right to complain yes or no?

Does an American man have the right to complain yes or no? He is married to a German women, his American daughter speaks German, and when she walks the streets in Germany every body in Germany think she is born in Germany and it is inposible for the Germans to tell that she is born in the United States.
Asked Jul 25, 2012
We all have the right to complain... we just don't have the right to make someone else care. When entering into a bi-cultural marriage and producing children, it should be no surprise when the child embraces either of the parents' culture. It's their birthright. Plus, surely there's something about the wife's heritage that the husband appreciates. Try not to take it personally. Expose the child to the best of being an American (not the spoiled "my way is better" part), and she may gravitate towards that culture over time. Ultimately, it's her choice.
Answered Jul 25, 2012
Jrigole, you ask alot of random questions. I mean, ALOT!
Answered Sep 02, 2012
Never, these are the Q.where u like to hear other people opinion,,and comes when you are more in contact with population...
My4649 Sep 02, 2012

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