Why do Americans find it offensive that europeans that live in the United States say this

Europeans say that the only United States citizens that can be trusted are US Diplomats that work for the US State Department, and American US born children (male and female) that, are raised by European born mothers/grand mothers including the children of Tiger Woods who are raised by a Swedish born mother. This is because they do not stick out: to be very easily noticed because of being different (have the skills to live and work) in Europe and can be equally be trusted as there European born mother/grand mother.
Asked Jul 25, 2012
I'm from an immigrant family, but I was born and have always primarily lived in the US. Generally people are more trusting of people who are "like them," whatever the category seems to be. Who can make sweeping generalizations like this with any credibility? I'm not offended by the statements. I just think they represent a very limited world view.

I don't know how one could say that Europeans are categorically more trustworthy than any other group... except for a a group of Ferengi traders... no one should trust the Ferengi. :-) Anyway... I've had my pockets picked 3 times in Paris, twice in London, once in Milan... and NEVER in the US. Go figure.
Answered Jul 25, 2012
Edited Jul 25, 2012

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