I would like to know about my workout at home.

i was wondering, when I work out at home, I usually do several muscle groups on that day, and then I rest the next day and start again the day after. I was wondering if its better to just work out one type of muscle a day and then the next day I move on to the next (e.g . I work out my biceps one day and then the next day, I work out my chest) or is it okay to work out several muscle groups in one workout session. I am looking for what will build my muscles faster and if doing one particular muscle in one day would increase my muscle faster I would rather do that! :) and by the way, I work out at home, I am 15, and I am male
Asked Jul 17, 2012
There is no advantage that I know of in doing it by muscle groups. Your body will let you know the limits by the soreness in your muscles. I would start out light in all of the groups and increase your reps daily until you feel a little soreness the following day. At that point, rest until the soreness goes away then keep adding more and more reps until the soreness reappears.
Answered Jul 17, 2012
Yes I have been currently doing that for a few weeks.. But I just wanted to find out if it would be better to work out one type of muscle a day instead of many.. You know, just in case it would make better improvement since I am quite thin and want to get bigger. Thanks for the help :-)
To insure the additional exercise doesn't cause you to lose weight, make sure you also increase what you eat. If you can get it, a soy protein drink like soy milk will help you do that.
Rob Jul 18, 2012
It depends on your goals, schedule, etc.

When I trained for triathlons, I strength trained 6 days a week, alternating upper body and lower body days.

My husband is a former competitive power lifter. He used to isolate one group per day, but from what I recall of him talking about this, there's very little benefit for a "normal" person doing this.

For what you're doing, it's probably more important to allow the muscles to have a day of rest to repair themselves (that rest is when the muscles do most of their building so don't skip this), and just be consistent.
Answered Jul 19, 2012
thanks for the advice :)
As far as which muscle groups to work out each day, a push/pull routine, 4 days per week is a great way to start. Chest and Tries on day 1 - Back and Bies on day 2 - Legs and Shoulders on day 3. This type of workout gives you a little more flexibility. You can skip a day in between or you can workout 2 consecutive days because your working opposing muscle groups, especially on days 1 and 2. Most importantly, don't choose a weight that you can do 25 reps with but you stop at 10 because you're doing a 10 rep workout. You need to overload your muscles. For maximum results in growth, keep strict form but take your reps to muscle fatigue. I also believe in muscle confusion. As I said, the push/pull routine is a good basic workout, but it's always good to change up muscle groups, sets, weight, rest between sets etc.
Answered Jul 21, 2012
thanks alot this helps :)

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