Is it wrong to not want to babysit a nephew or niece for the weekend,

even though you dont have any plans?
its not like they are paying me anything.
my bro did offer me 20 bucks, he has to do some work over the weekend...the chickenhead wants to go out of town and walk around and waste money that she cant afford too spend.....i feel like this when you spread your legs and be dumb you deserve no privileges, no one told you too go be stupid...i dont have any kids cuz I obeyed my mother...and im a grown azz adult.....

my family says im mean cuz I dont want to babysit, I tell them its not my kid, and I didnt tell them to go be stupid and make a kid when they knew they werent going to have proper care for the kid. I dont care if I dont have anything to do for the next two years, I do not have to keep him. I mean dont get me wrong, I love him to death, but its annoying keeping him all the time, for free at that, he loves being around me cuz I spoil him... but still...... ive told my family this, but they say the same thing, you aint got nothing to do so you could be nice. my mom says they cant afford to pay me, I say if you can afford a car and some insurance and the kid, along with daycare, then you can give me something. my mom says, but they dont make alot of money, I said im not working and whatever they were to give is not going to pay my bills but something would be nice, so yeah, I mean that child is not my obligation. am I being mean?. last weekend I canceled my plans to watch the runt and I dont have plans this weekend but still....i know its gonna be hot but thats not my problem nor is that my kid. he just happens to be related too me. I dont think she the chickenhead should go out and do nothing fun. she doesnt deserve I being mean ? I told my mom why dont she watch him she said no...... my bro wants to see his child but thats not my problem either..... and when he comes home from doing outside help for someone he wants to sleep so im stuck with the runt...... what do I do?
I usually keep him every weekend but here and there ill go out...but regardless.....
my mom was like its going too be very hot this weekend I said not my problem and she can take her kid with her, learn to watch her child and dont let him get away from her and/or she can sit her sorry azz down and watch her child and learn how to spell instead of running around in the streets doing nothing with some nobodies....stupid people deserve no privileges...i may like chilling at home but that doesnt mean I want to be bothered with someone elses child..
Asked Jul 11, 2012
It's a nice gesture but you aren't ever obligated to take care of another person's kid. If your brother and "chickenhead" aren't living together, your brother should schedule his visitations when he can give his child some individual, undivided attention. The purpose of parental visitations are to allow the child to bond with his parent, not pass him off on someone else. Children need to feel wanted and it sounds like this one isn't.
Answered Jul 11, 2012

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