This is getting even more complicated

So me (im a girl) and the girl that I liked ended up doing something. We were both pretty drunk and we made out twice. I was not the one to start it she was. She sat on my lap and started to kiss me. After that night we didnt talk about it becuz she didnt remember. A couple days later she tells me to tell her what happened. So I did. I told her what happened and I also told her that I liked her but she didnt say anything back to the part where I said I liked her. She has been talking to someone even when we made out. idk whats going on but I do still like her and to make it a bit more complicated we are going to be roommates next year. I dont know if I can handle being in the same house with her. please some advice on what to do?
Asked Jul 08, 2012
Unless you're into living in pain, remove the complication by making arrangements to change your living quarters for next year, now.
Answered Jul 08, 2012

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