Does cancer tend to metastisize to old injuries

does cancer tend to spread to old injuries?
Asked Jul 08, 2012
I am far from an expert on cancer so take this as a layman's opinion and ask your doctor if this is a critical issue.

If I understand your question, injuries either from radiation treatments, invasive operations or accidents are naturally vulnerable to the growth of scar tissue and that is sometimes a problem but I've never read anything that indicated cancer cells are attracted to old injuries.

Malignant cells can grow into adjoining areas and when they get into the blood stream, carry the abnormal cells of the original tumor but they tend to affect the organs that process blood. If I had an old gunshot wound in the leg I would be much more concerned that the cells would metastasize to my liver or my lungs than my leg.
Answered Jul 08, 2012
Edited Jul 08, 2012

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