What happens if Paronychia doesnt go away?

I have Paronychia on my toe, and I had it for about maybe a month and a half. First I got some pills for it, didn't help. Then I got a second round of pills, didn't help. Then I got my toenail removed, didn't do much. Now I'm on some pills again, and I'm scared my toe will never get better again. Do I have to get surgery on it in the future? Will something serious happen to it?

Also, the Paronychia never spread and it never looks worse, just sometimes it hurts more.

Thanks in advance.
Asked Jul 08, 2012
Edited Jul 08, 2012

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Paronychia Home Remedy- easy and quick to cure paronychia

I have a bad habit, I bite my nails, sometimes I bite my nail too hard and then the next day paronychia appears. My great grandma and everybody in my family always use the same home remedy for decades, and it always works, no antibiotics, just warm somewhat hot water and pure lime juice or lemon juice.

1- Half glass of warm water -somewhat hot ( but not too hot that your normal finger cant bear it)
2- Mix it with lemon juice from 1 lemon (lime juice from 2 limes), you can soak the lemon or limes too in the glass.
3- Soak your swollen finger into the glass , you will suddenly feel that your swollen finger is becoming more painful while soaking, it is very painful but that how it works curing your paronychia.
- Hold it until the pain is gone and you got your swollen finger a little numb, do it a few times, the pain and the numbness will be gone soon after you finish the treatment, if the pain still remains, repeat it from the first step.

I have done this many many times, and it always worked, my husband was skeptical about this home remedy and he couldn't believe it when I showed him my swollen finger totally recovered on the next day!
This home remedy is very famous in Indonesia and it is considered ancient home remedy for paronychia. I am not saying anybody with paronychia 'MUST' do this treatment.
I just feel the need to share this tips with people who seek home remedy for paronychia, as I always find useful tips people share.
Answered Dec 16, 2012
My son was diagnosed today with Paronychia,from biting his nails....,and he is going to be on antibiotic treatment for ten days .But i'm going to try your tip for treating it with water and lime or lemon juice. I hope it will work for him as it did for you,..Thank you.
Rita7 Oct 15, 2013
The only reason the doctor might want to lance it would be to clean it out if it becomes seriously infected.

It can resist treatment if:
* There is a problem with your immune system like AIDS
* You have diabetes
* You have very poor circulation in your hands and feet
* You are often barefoot in dirty water.

More info:
Answered Jul 08, 2012
Edited Jul 08, 2012
I hear that anxiety disorder lowers your ability to fight infection, or weaking the immune system. Could this be a cause?
KC13 Jul 08, 2012
Paronychia is caused by either bacteria or a fungus so anxiety disorder could not be the cause of how you get it.

There have been inconclusive studies that assert a relationship between anxiety and decreased immunity so it's possible it could have something to do with the lack of response to the treatment. It is also possible that the medicine is not treating the real cause. Fungus is most often treated with a cream, not pills. It is also possible you could be be taking other medications that counter the prescribed treatment. Discuss these issues with the doctor. and be patient. Sometimes things like this take a little time but I am confident they will get to the bottom of what's going on.
Rob Jul 08, 2012
Thanks! I'm taking an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal this time, plus anti-bacterial cream and two soaks every day. I went on vacation a few weeks ago and I took nearly no care for it, so no wonder it still isn't better. Should I wear a band-aid? Like in the house? I did before, but the doctor said I should let it "breathe," but I think if I don't use it it will get more bacteria. Also another question is what happens if you take pills for a long duration? Like what are the long-term consequences?
KC13 Jul 08, 2012
The long term consequences of taking medications depend on what medicines you're taking. The doctor has information on those effects and surely wouldn't prescribe them if they're dangerous.

Concerning the bandage, any more of the bacteria and/or fungus that causes the infection would not be able to overcome the medicine and the soaks. The air will allow it to heal faster so I wouldn't do anything to limit the air getting to it.

Avoid being outside barefoot until it has completely healed and never walk in stagnate water with an open sore of any kind.
Rob Jul 08, 2012
Thanks, again. Lastly, what would be the signs its spread to the bone our bloodstream? And will it forever make my toe look weird?
KC13 Jul 08, 2012
I am experiencing the same problem as KC13 and its been almost 2 months maybe. The doctor has already trimmed both sides of my toenail of in order to drain the infection but it didn't seem to work. I have another appointment soon in which he will most likely remove the entire toenail. The doctor is so nice and really knows what he's doing. I am on antibiotics and antifungal medicine and really it seems like nothing is working. I am becoming very hopeless and am unable to stop thinking about my toe. I just want it to get better? Why is this stubborn infection persistant on staying in my skin?

Any advice please? Will I ever get better? :(
Answered Mar 03, 2013
I have same problem. Had a lot of antibiotics even was in hospital for IV infusion. They re going to remove toe nail soon. They are also going to take biopsy to exclude subungual melanoma.i m terrorized ...
Danjeli Jun 13, 2013
I have had paronychia in my toe for almost a year now. I am allergic to penicillin and clindamycin and I have had my toenail removed. I am going to have it removed again in a few weeks as the toenail that grew back caused more problems.. I am so sick of thus, been on several different antibiotics and nothing has worked so far :/ anything I can do to help it heal? I soak it and put antiseptic cream on.. It's so swollen and painful :(
Answered Dec 20, 2013

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