I'm confused over who I love! Please help

Ok. So I'm 12 and there are these two very different boys that I am confused about. They are both older than me. One of them is 12 and te other is 15 (I know, I know). The one that is 12 is actually my ex, an I was the one that broke up with him. I never had a boyfriend since then. He has brown hair and eyes and is the cutest boy in our grade. I don't know if he likes me anymore, but sometimes I catch him string at me in class. I also remember just about every detail of when we were together and I think about it almost every day. I really miss it but I'm afraid to ask him.

And the one that is 15 years old I don't know why I like. He's the one that everyone thinks I like, including the other 12 year old that I might like. Because I'm going into 7th grade and he's going into sophomore year in high school, I barely ever see him. Also, his little brother is in my grade and I think he likes me (idk...).
He has brown hair and eyes (the 15 year old) and freckles and he is very tall. I talk to him on facebook sometimes and he knows I like him. Most people at shool give me weird looks because gossip spreads quickly in my grade and everyone thinks I like him (maybe true, maybe not). He means a lot to me but I don't know if he is more important than the person te same age as me

So please help me. Both of them are extremely nice people and they wouldn't hurt people or anything. And they're both single. Thank you. Please help and sorry it was this long
Asked Jul 04, 2012
The 15 year old is too old to be dating a 12 year old and a 12 year old is too young to be dating anybody. I know, I know, you know. :-)
Answered Jul 04, 2012
Noo fuck face age is just a number and its legal to date 4 years a part romeo Juliet law soo really WHO gives a FUCK
You do not talk to Rob like that. If you disagree say it in a respectful manner. But this man has answered 8894 questions and hasnt asked one.
Im 12 too and no one will date me cuz ive never dated... your lucky
Answered Sep 02, 2012
you dont need to be dating when youre 12, trust me.
I agree with the comment by aberri123, it may seem like you want to date but it will come back to haunt you. >.< (personal experience :P)
say523 Sep 27, 2012
actually renowed child psycholagistt say that it depends if you are mature enough not old enough and there are also different types of dating for different ages like for me I am 12-13 my idea of a date would be wlking through the park going to a movie holding hands cheek kiss's and maye one or two lips kiss's (with no tounge) and for like 14-16 that would be more stuff like picnic's tounge kiss and 17-the rest is whatevre you wanna do
Kiruse Nov 20, 2012
I am young for my grade and feel that I'm mature enough its just everyone knows I have never dated and doesnt want to date me because of it
I got my first boyfriend when I was 6. BEAT THAT AGE!!!
ok. first of all, if you are "confused" about who you love, you arent in love with either. and im curious, what did it involve when you and the other 12 year old was dating? cuz I dont think you can date properly at 12. but dont go for the 15 year old. it wont happen, unless he's realllyyy desperate. I guarantee any interest he could possibly have in you is taken out by the peer pressure of being in high school, being 15, and dating a 12 year old. hed be called a cradle robber n stuff. its nothing against you, you'll understand what I mean when youre 15. id just wait to date anyone until youre sure you like them. also maybe till you get into high school?
Answered Sep 03, 2012
read my reply above ^^^^^
Kiruse Nov 20, 2012
and I am confuseed who over who I like now sooooo yeah right now I have sorta chosen not realy
Kiruse Nov 20, 2012
All of the teenagers who haven't dated think that 12 year old relationships are just a game. Like we're in preschool or something. If only they knew ;(
I remember when I was twelve and everybody was telling me I was too young to date and didn't know anything about love, but I really thought I did.
Well, I am older now and you know what? They were right.
As much as you might not like to hear it, darling, it's not your time to be dating. Boys are silly and immature at that age and they won't treat you right. It's better to just be friends with the boys and so when you're older, who knows, you can have great friendships that could last a lifetime or even the beginning of a fantastic relationship. It's something for you as a young girl to look forward to, but there's certainly no rush, honey.
Answered Sep 25, 2012
Edited Sep 25, 2012
honey dont listen to all the poeple saying your to young ther are different variations of dating and I belive you dont really like like the the 15 or mor he doesnt like like you cause when I was 9 I thought I liked this 14 year old girl but it ended up she didnt like me cuase I moved away and then I always sent her letters and she nvere replied now I 12 and like girls my age and I think you should go with your ex and tell me did he start it or you and do you know if he liked you as much as you liked him well I would go with him
Answered Nov 20, 2012
thank you!!!
we are not to
young to date m************!!!!!
First of all...
In the olden days, people were 'sweet' on people, so what's the difference? Man, why do I even go to this category?

Anyway, don't you still like your ex boyfriend?
& gurl, that 15 year old boy is going to cheat. Lots of girls in that high school, going to graduate Soon...sorry if I spoiled anything, but that dude thinks your a kid, he's just your friend. In the end, you'll move on from ex boyfriends & dudes who are in highschool...

Which reminds me of another story {man I could write a book}

I beat myself up for over six months about my ex boyfriend, when I was starting to have feelings for this one guy. Quickly, my love for my ex was wearing away... & that night, I told myself: "you've dreamed about this guy before. If you're in love with him, you'll dream about him. It's going to be a dream from kingdom come." & I dreamt about him. I don't know how I can help you, though :(
Answered May 29, 2013
The 15 year old, ok, sorry but he's no more an option! He is sssooooo much more mature than you in that way and is almost at that age stage where he is trying more than kissing....
So the 12 year old! 1st: WHY DID YOU DUMP HIM IF HE'S THE HOTTEST GUY!? You have no idea how lucky you were. Just like flirt and chizz with him and if he responds in the same way then just hang out more. And get closer, until he can't be away from you just ask him out... Yah I'm 12 too but I know a lot! From my friends (Also 12).
Answered May 30, 2013
I'm 15, I know that guys my age wouldn't want to date a 7th grader. I definitely do NOT mean that in a rude way. He is way too old and more mature in certain things to be dating you. I think you should go with the one your age because you both kind of have the same mindset.
Answered Jul 21, 2013

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