Is sex twice a month too infrequent? does my partner have a low drive?

i'm male, she's female, we're both in our mid-20's. when we actually get down to it and get engaged in it, she seems to really enjoy herself. but she's rarely in the mood. once she's in the mood we're in the clear but plenty of nights/days she just wants to do something else/feels like it wastes time. causes a bit of friction but I have a lot of respect for her. is once every couple of weeks a red flag for some other underlying issue not seen on the surface or is this normal for some women?
Asked Jun 24, 2012

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Women surely aren't all the same. Pay attention to when she's in the mood relative to her menstrual cycle. If her mood peaks at the same times in her cycle, my guess would be that it's biological.

Your approach could surely be part of it also. If you're one of those guys that slaps her on the knee and does the, "O.K. Girl, it's Saturday night, lets get to it," you might want to put some romance back in the relationship. :-)
Answered Jun 24, 2012
Edited Jun 24, 2012
I agree with Rob... and too that I would add that if the frequency isn't enough for you, then you really need to think about where the relationship is headed. I know it might seem doggish, but I don't think it is. Think about how you would feel in a few years if it slacks off to only once a month, once every other month... or less. As kids, careers, and other things take up more and more time, it's easy for sex to become even less of a priority. Plus, as they age, many women's libidos usually diminish.

Sex / intimacy is something that's really important in a long-term relationship / marriage, and if one person isn't fulfilled it usually becomes a constant source of pain, friction, and guilt. Can you guys communicate, get on the same page, and make sure both of your needs are met?
Answered Jun 24, 2012

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