Could I get pregnant even though I used a condom correctly?

I just lost my virginity yesterday, and I am totally paranoid! we used a condom, but im not sure if he came inside me or not. he pulled out very quickly though, and when I looked down it looked like he came inside the condom. I'm not on the pill, and I am scared to death! I just want answers, so any help would mean so much.
Asked Jun 23, 2012
Nobody here can say whether or not you're pregnant. You probably should get a pregnancy test kit and take the test. Make sure you read the instructions carefully, especially the time limitations on the test. If you take it too early, it might not be accurate.

Both of you should have a clear understanding of what you're doing. The web site below has a lot of information on pregnancy intended for young people. It's just the facts, not a lecture. Make sure you read and understand all of the info in the nine links down the page and have your boyfriend read it too.

Planned Parenthood
Answered Jun 23, 2012
I know several parents with "condom babies" so it's possible. Take a test as Rob says. In the future, u should use more than a condom. They do break and sometimes slide off. Add a spermicide that's OK to use with condoms, or add the pill or something else. It's not a good idea to rely on one method alone.
Answered Jun 24, 2012
Edited Jun 24, 2012

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