Should I tell my dad to book on her same flight?

so there is a girl in my class... we used to be friends for me she was my bff and Idk wt am I for her? soo we fought such a big fight and we havent talked since then ... but yesterday it was the last day of school and I was hugging everyone and stuff but I didnt hug her .. so I was walking then she called me and was like " Im gonna miss you " I actually couldnt handle myself I hugged her saying im sorry and started crying she was like dont cry and stuff then we kept talking and we didnt mention the fight and stuff ... so I went back home the next day and I texted her cuz I knew she was travelling on 18 like me!! so I told her and then she was like great we maybe together ... so I asked her about the time of the flight and she said 5 soo Im gonna tell my dad to book at 5 pm like her but the problem is that Im afraid like our friendship will never be the same as it used to be!! like when she's around I cant even smile I just get pale and I really miss talking to her like man she was my bff!! and now should I tell my dad to book at the same flight?? or things wouldnt go well or what?? and im really afraid like I cant be her friend anymore .. and what if she didnt actually wanna be my friend anymore and she was just talking to me cuz its the last day of school or what?? and btw my mum knows about the fight and she told me not to talk to her anymore and she's not travelling with me and dad but ofcourse my dad's gonns be like "Oh and Menna's friend was their too!" mum: "Oh reallyy?? whoo???" then I have to tell her it was my friend and Im afraid of her reaction! Im gonna tell her that we became friends again or what?? I odnt really know!! soo pls tell mee everything :) thank u :)
Asked Jun 14, 2012
Before you try to make it back to where you were before with her, the two of you need to talk about what happened and make peace with each other. Until you do that, you have no idea where she is on the issue and what might happen. I'd advise leaving your plans as they are until both of you have a clear understanding.
Answered Jun 14, 2012
Edited Jun 14, 2012
I agree with Rob. You should chose your battles with your mother very carefully.
Answered Jun 14, 2012

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