Wtf do I do I messed up

ok so I started seeing this guy and I really like him alot... I promised my self I wouldnt sleep with him b4 at least a month ... so the other day he cam to my house and me, him and some of my cuz's started drinking and hanfin out... I was drunk and ended up sleepin with him ugh well to top it of he confuses me one min he is like o I miss u hows ur day but then he doesnt wanna talk ..... idk what to do..... I really like him but I dont wanna f*** bubby I wanna man ... but when I asked him what we where he said he didnt know but he says he does see him self wanting a relationship in the future plz help
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Anonymous User
Asked May 26, 2012
Then if he sees he doesn't want a relationship in the future you need to find a man. Do not be drinking if it goes the way of sex.

I would slow down and just be friends with a lot of guys until you find one who wants to have a sincere relationship. It may be a shock sometimes when you discover the person. I know I did. lol good luck
Answered May 30, 2012
He wants a relationship "in the future," but you'd like one now. Your wants aren't matching. At this point, I'm not sure what you can do that will produce the outcome you want. In the time that you would waste waiting for him, you could have met someone who's on the same page as you. It seems that the best thing you can do is move forward a little wiser... having learned from your mistake that booze and boys don't mix... and that you need to make sure a guy wants the same things you want before you get too hopeful about the potential. Remember to look before you leap.
Answered May 30, 2012

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