I'm going out of my mind please help?

Basically I'm a girl, people think I'm straight I'm not sure what I am but I'm falling for this girl quick(she is gay). We always play fight have done for months she always says she ain't a huggy person but we've been hugging a lot recently and when we was drunk we held hands. She's stayed in my room a few times but the other day she stayed in there and we got close she was lying on me and I was hugging her all night. She's told me really personall things so I know she trusts me. When we look into each others eyes I really feel something but I don't know if she does... She talks about how her ex wants her back and stuff and how she has a date and it's killing me. I just wana say well if you have a date why you cuddling into me at night? I can't stand the thought of not having her in my life but I don't know how much more I can take. Please help.
Asked May 08, 2012
i think you should tell her how you feel because she trust you enough to tell u personal things so you should tell her how u feel if its really bothering u like dont hold it in. I know shes your friend but things work out a lot better when people how whats going on. cuz if u start acting weird and upset then shes gonna wonder why and youll probably hafto tell her and she migght get mad that you never told. but thats just my opinion. oorr you could always talk to a really close friend about it
Answered May 08, 2012
Well I got upset before and had to make something up she's just been in my room cuddling me everytime we hug it's really tight and I never wana let go. I wana tell her but I don't wana risk scaring her away and having nothing!
'best friend' zone :(

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