I changed my video setup to pal and it should be ntsc.

I changed my video setup to PAL and it should be NTSC. It is connected to a TV and there is no video . I have disconnect all the cameras and power and re connected no luck. I also disconnected the power for 24 hours and no luck. I don't know how to change it back to the correct setting. I can not get anything to come up so I can not access thevideo to change it to NTSC. Please help.
Bunker Hill H.264 DVR SECURITY SYSTEM ITEM 68332
Answered by........... tech@harborfrieght.com This worked for me.
Please unplug the product and remove the top of the box. This will expose the hard drive and the control board within the unit. Locate the button cell battery on the control board and remove that, noting its orientation. Leave this battery out for 30-60 minutes. This should reset you back to your factory settings. Once time has passed, please reinstall the battery in the same orientation, reinstall the top and all screws and plug it back in.
Asked May 07, 2012
Edited May 15, 2012
I tried that . It didn't work . My wife says I'm an ass . Please help .
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Answered May 07, 2012

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