Should I feed my 4 year old cat senior food?

I have 2 cats and we ran out of my kitten and cat food and all I have is some senior food from my other cat should I feed her that or just some stored tuna?
Asked May 05, 2012
She'll love the tuna but the senior food will not hurt her until you get to the store anymore than it would hurt you to eat the same things your grandparents eat. Foods designed for age groups are a long term benefit, not something that will make a difference today.

Answered May 05, 2012
um senior food is for old cats so if it isnt old I do not recomend feeding it to him go buy more regular young healthy kitty food so ya just ya
Answered May 11, 2012
You can try a bit of the senior cat food. If the cat isn't enjoying it feed it tuna just to be on the safe side!!!
Answered Jul 27, 2012
no not until they are at least 8-10 because cats live up to sometimes 18-20. a 4 year old cat is still considered a young cat.
Answered Oct 12, 2012

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