Would you vouch for a parent to be a foster parent?

i told her yes and she dropped the paper of too me, to fill out well...now im having second thoughts. I dont know how she is with her child..cuz when we hang out she doesnt have her son with her, hes with a babysitter. and she just quit her job because she lives in low income and they keep going up on the rent, so she has no job nor can she apply for unemployment. now I know the state pays hella good to be a foster parent, and I believe thats the only reason shes doing this. the application just asks have I seen her interact with kids, what skills does she have, would you have any concernes about the child being in her care etc...... and I have to sign it and put my phone number and address. (now I dont know if ill get contacted any further outside of this form. I told my friend I was going to be busy filling out some paper work, so I dont know if ill get to the paper. she has two other people filling out the form also. she needs three references. what should I do?
Asked May 01, 2012
Avoid/refuse filling out the paper and call the agency and express your concerns to the caseworker.
Answered May 01, 2012
so if she calls me to ask about the paper, just ignore the phone calls? I told her I was going to be busy the next few days, and ill try and get to it. so basically no guareentee.
Any way you can handle it to avoid offending your friend is fine but when you recommend someone to be a foster parent, you're accepting partial responsibility for anything that might happen to those children. Being someone's friend doesn't mean you have to lie on their behalf.
Rob May 01, 2012

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