Help me please. so confused:s

"I'm so confused I am 24 years old and mum of two. Me, my husband and our two children are currently staying in England.

I have recently been given a place at university in Scotland and will have move. The problem is my husband is now refusing to move with me. He says he can't move as his sister and friends live here and that he doesn't want the children to go there.

He expects me to go to Scotland and stay with my family and to come visit him and my children on breaks. However, my two children are both under the age of 3 years and I can't just leave them. I even said it would be ok if he wanted to stay in England he could come visit me and kids in his free time but he went crazy telling no way that if I dare take the kids he will leave me and move on as I'm not respecting his word as man of the house.

I really don't know what to to because we both discussed that we may have to move before I applied. My family are from the same town where I will be doing my university so I know I have support. And thing is he says I have to go to University too.

Can you please give me some advice I'm so upset with this. What can I say to convince him without him going mad? What do I do ?"
Asked Apr 20, 2012
As your children are quite young, I would assume this move won't be too stressful or life changing for them.
Sounds like your husband values his friends more than your education, it's a tough decision my love, but I would tell him he knew this was coming and if he changed his mind without talking to you about it, then you don't communicate as a married couple enough.
Answered Apr 20, 2012

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