I wondered what I could do quickly to earn money for groceries?

Having a run of bad luck. My brother passed away at 49 in May. Afterwards I acquired a skin disease that is slowly engulfing my entire body. It blisters and feels like acid is being poured out of my skin, yet the drs. cant figure it out. I sadly had to give up my beloved job as a kindergarten teacher. Then my poor mother went into respritory stress right in front of me and was in the hospital for two months. We make $3.00 too much for food stamps. I have received food boxes from church but unfortunately my mom requires special dietary food. I pray with all my heart that things will be better. But when I look in the fridge and my kids so excited if they see milk I do get depressed. Sorry to be so gloomy but if anyone has any ideas they would be welcomed.
Asked Apr 20, 2012
You need to be in contact with your local social services organization. If you don't have any idea who they are, call the local, non-emergency number for your police department and ask them for the contact information.
Answered Apr 20, 2012
thank you
go to meet human rights org.
Answered Aug 24, 2012
maybe you should apply for food stamps on www.food-stamps-apply.com or
Answered Mar 22, 2013

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