Ummmm.i really need help.i dont really know what to do :/

I love my boyfriend, theres no doubt about that. Weve been going out for a few months or so, and hes constantly worried im gonna find someone else and leave him, its just who he is. I always reasure him that im not gonna leave him cos I love him so much (which is true). He still worries though, but not as much. The guy he is most worried about is one of my best mates (lets call him Bob). I tell my BF that nothings gonna happen between me and Bob, but the truth is that even though I love my BF, I have a crush on Bob. I feel really bad, but I cant help it :/ I just dont know what to do. What doesnt help is that Bob is my best mate and we tell each other loads, and the other day he told me that he really likes me and it upsets him when he sees me with my BF. he didnt mean any harm behind it, but he was just telling the truth. It made me feel super mean. Hes my best mate and I dont wanna hurt him, but I love my boyfriend and I dont wanna hurt him either. When Bob told me that he liked me he looked genuinley upset and it made me love him sooooo much, and I felt really like I wanted to kiss him. To be honest if we were somewhere more private (eg not in the middle of science) I would have done. Its really confusing and I dont know how I feel. I just dont know what to do and who I should tell so im in a bit of a confusing situation. Please can you help me. :/

Oh and its in the "Dating" catagory cos I dont know really what catagory it is.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP...before I go insaine, ive spent too long worrying about it :/
Asked Apr 17, 2012
Edited Apr 17, 2012

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Queeix Jul 23, 2012
Well, just decide which one of them you like more and sincerely and go out with him.
In both cases you'd probably lose the other one. Although if Bob is such a good friend, he wouldn't have told you that, while you are dating someone else and wouldn't blame you for staying with the person you are currently with and who you claim you love.
Answered Apr 17, 2012
Thankyou :) and I meant to say that Bob told me that he wasnt wanting to get in the way of my relationship with my BF. He was just all down and not himself. I asked and asked him what was wrong, and he eventually told me what it was. So yeah...
You said you loved him. If you love your BF so much you shouldnt worry about Bob getting in between. Remember friendship is amazing , nothing can ever harm friendship. My advice is to just tell Bob you want to stay friends , because if you end up dating him , you may lose him when you two break up . & besides , your BF sounds like the type of guy who wouldnt talk to anyone if you two break up. You and Bob can still be close , even if you guys aint dating :) . & nope , 'dating' will be the right category.
Answered Apr 17, 2012
Thankyou :)

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I had the same prob. there was this boy who I liked, and was my bf, and everyone knew it. Then my friend, who was a boy, told me he likd me and thoght my bf was a cheater ( my friend was jealous cause he wanted 2 be cute like my bf ). I chose mjy bf, and my friend moved to NY. I made a mistake, and I knnow it. my bf was cheating on my best friend and actually liked me, and then cheated on me for my other friend who dumped him imideatly. ( haha ). So, im 11 years old!!!! Just choose who u love, and make the right choice :)
Answered May 01, 2013

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