Boy advice anyone. :)

Im in year 9 and I live in Australia. I recently just moved to a new school, I like this guy and he just broke up with his girlfriend. I told one of my good friends that I like him, everyone thinks we should go out. I think so too, he is always around and he always looks at me, when I look at him, he doesnt look away. Until I do. In my English class, you need a partner to sit next too. He use to sit alone because he hated sitting next to the girls in his class. When I walked into the class everyone looked up, his name is John and straight away he yelled my name to come sit next to him. Everyone went "ohh la la" I was happy. He didnt talk to me though, it was the 2nd last day of school for term 1 and I wasnt there. My friends said he was asking for me, when I came to school the next day he linked my arm and said hi. He is always hanging around my friends because he is good friends with them. But he hangs around more then he usually does, I left my bag on the seats next to my friend and went for a walk. My friends came over to me, and they didnt have my bag. I looked over at the seats and he is sitting right next to my bag, he wanted to talk to me, but I never build up the confidence to do so. I've had a good break off school, and im ready to go back with a smile. Any advice would be appreciated, just a boost of confidence for my first day back.
Asked Apr 16, 2012
just see how it goes. if he shows he is still interested in you you should talk to him. about anything. then just bring it into the conversation where itll fit. Ask him what he thinks of you, but dont be too upset about it if he doesnt want to date you, youve already got him as a friend so yeah...just go for it and if he doesnt wanna date you, keep as friends, you never know, he may just be confused about he feels about you, or he may not wanna lose you as a friend if something happens. :) just go for it.
Answered Apr 17, 2012
Best advice , thanks beautiful :)

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