How could I find the girl on Facebook or Twitter?

I know it's better ti talk to someone you like on the internet but how can I find her on there?
Asked Apr 16, 2012
Type in her name and it will bring her up.
Answered Apr 16, 2012
Your wrong. If you have feelings for someone, its best to show them in person and not through a phone call or Facebook or Twitter. She will probably think your the shy kind. Best to show these feelings to her for real.

Or maybe your trying to find someone over the internet to get to know, well if so, make sure you get to know her or something, get her number and talk to her. Make sure it is a girl, and not a 40 year old man. But as KylieBug133 says: If your looking for a 'certain' girl just go to the search bar and look up her name.
Answered Apr 16, 2012
Yes, but if she is actually the shy kind ;d She'd feel more secure in Internet. Even so though, it is better to keep it an easy talk via Internet, the more serious stuff - in person.
Exactly :)

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