Everyone makes fun her name but I like it

Every single one of my friends laughed at me when I first told them what the name of the girl im in love with is. A month went by before I even knew what her name was. Once I found out, all I could do was think about how good it sounded with my name in hearts and I drew her name plus my name equals love all over my school papers. Everyone thinks im crazy and stuff but I know that all girls go through this. I really love the sound of her name though and I cant think of a better name to call my own. This girl has become my world but I still choke when I try to talk to her. I get week when shes anywhere near me and I start acting really weird to my friends. Some of them dont know whats going on with me because im too afraid to tell them that I am bisexual. They believe im going to hell because im not straight. Before this girl I kinda was straight and now im all for her. If I could just tell her how I feel I could probably tell my friends about me and not care what they think because she would be all that matter to me.
Asked Apr 16, 2012
What is her name? Look up the meaning, what does her name mean? Perhaps it's just a bad name.
Answered Apr 16, 2012
Her name is Ramsey, meaning ram's island. I don't think it's a bad name but obviously they do. I love the sound of her name. It's so unique as a girl's name.
I think its a pretty name :) and to be honest, follow your heart.
Aww thank you it is a really pretty name. She looked at me today when we were standing outside and she was walking in the gate of the school. I wanted to say something but my voice got caught in my throat.

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