Comcast cable question?

my cable went out, so I was sent a digital converter box for self installment and it didnt work so I called for a tech to come out and cancelled my plans for today, I was told that someone would be here 4/12/2012 and no one showed up, nor did I receive a call, so I called and found out the tech was rescheduled for next week, due to an error on his part on the work order and I was told that it will be a 1 time fee of 30 bucks, because this is a self-installment kit and techs usually arent needed and so I explained my issue to the man and told him this was not my fault I expected someone to come to my house today and fix this, I shouldnt have to pay anything, and he said they dont waive those fees because it is a self installment kit, should I speak to a manager or supervisor to try and get that 30 dollar fee waived? thanks
Asked Apr 12, 2012
Are there no better choices in your area than ComCast? I have Cox cable. This week a construction truck tore out wiring across the road by my house. Three Cox technicians worked until 9 PM to put it back together.

The only reason ComCast can get away with charging you for their lack of service is that too many people tolerate it. Blast anybody that will listen but don't expect any miracles. Most of the large companies think bandwidth and frequencies are somehow their God-given property. They're are not a gift of God, they're a gift of politicians and we all have a vote. Think about that and raise hell with them.
Answered Apr 12, 2012
Edited Apr 12, 2012

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