How is free and legal for tv/movie watching?

This site seems weird to me. How is it legal? I've heard the playback quality is terrible. If it's legit (like Hulu), then why doesn't it have equally as good playback quality? Are the videos laced with commericals? If not, then how do they make money? Any questions you can answer would be great, because I'm having trouble scraping up reviews and info about this site online, and I'd like to know more info about this site BEFORE I start using it.

Asked Apr 12, 2012
Edited Apr 12, 2012
I have been using this site for about 2 years, I love it. Yea it isn't perfect but what do you want for free? I am convinced that it is safe. Most of the movies come in crystal clear. It has subtitles which I don't mind. The big problem is I think they have shut down for lack of money. . so sad : ) too bad, you missed out on a great site :)
Answered Jun 25, 2012
oh no! well thanks anyway, wicker. if you can recommend another fun and legal site out there like that then let me know :)
well I guess I will have to go to netflix and pay. But I must say that ray 365 was the best site on the net I loved it and I am not sure they are gone forever.
This has happened before back in 2011 they shut down and in about a month they came back bigger and better . As far as how they made money many of the adds were in chinese and I figured that their target market was for that part of the world I did see many promo's from american companies too.
if anyone has another site let me know . e-mail [email protected]
there is a tom365 --but I cant understand how it works....PLEASE COME BACK RAY WE ALL MISS YOU GUYS ALOT
Answered Jun 30, 2012
You took the words right out my mouth! Come back ray365!!
wicker Jul 07, 2012
I found this on youtube. It shows you how to watch movies on tom365.
wicker Jul 07, 2012

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