Does anyone have a pet snake that would like to eat me?

Does anyone have a big snake that would love to eat me? I'm 95 pound juicy human and wants to become snake food. I don't care where the snake starts consuming me but I prefer being eaten alive with out being coiled up and being eaten from the feet up (so I can have the full experience). It has always Been my dream to be eaten by a snake!!! I will do anything to make your Snake feel comfortable well he consumes me. You can even season me if you want to!!!If you want to you can even rub me with animal fur so I smell more good tasting to to the snake. I will even enter the snake unclothed so your snake can digest me better. I am totally serious about this!!! I would like my snake consumer in the USA and near arizona. I would like to know how big the snake eater is and I would love to see a photo of it so I get more motivated. You can even fatten me up more!!! There is only one of me so be the first to make SNAKE FOOD!! I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE EATEN BY THE SNAKE!!!! I wonder what it would feel like to be digested. Also wonder what being in a snake feels. I WANT TO BE EATEN BY YOUR PET SNAKE!!!
Asked Mar 26, 2012
I can help
Are you for real? Where can I find you?
Blood, do you have a snake that can eat me? Email me at [email protected]
want to been eaten by big snake or crawling in crocodile's mouth. I my life suck ass . I need be eaten for REAL NO LIES OR FAKE , I will come there for you snake or crawling in crocodile's mouth. you arrange it . [email protected] email. please u can watch me too ,
hyena69 Nov 25, 2015
I wish I did, liljoey.
I'm afraid all you would get out of the experience is a giant hug. A constricting snake, loops its body around it's prey and uses its powerful muscles to squeeze its victim until it can no longer inflate its lungs to breathe, causing suffocation. You would never get the chance to feel what it's like to be eaten, only what it's like to be suffocated or drowned in the case of a green anaconda or "water boa."
Answered Mar 26, 2012
Edited Mar 26, 2012
you also wouldnt feel yourself being digested.
That all depends on the handlers knowledge and expertise of snakes and their feeding habits. In the wild, you most definitely won't live past constriction. In captivity, there are many variables that come into play.
Bypassing fatal constriction, but not all constriction is somewhat easy. Having air once your head is inside, is slightly more difficult.
Are you serious?
Answered Jul 05, 2012
No they aren't, these snake questions are believed to be funny by those who ask it, and these questions are repeatedly asked.
Why do you want to be eaten by a snake
rcr12 Mar 24, 2014
If you think the question was funny, then you are one of those people who choose "truth" rather than "dare"
Daring yourself to do can lead to greater insight, and knowledge of the world.
I want to be eaten by a snake I an a 16 year old male and I really want this ill do what ever it takes ill go in naked I just wanna be come a snakes big meal please if anyone has one and wanna talk about it then ok ill be happy to pay as well
Answered Jan 11, 2013
voreman are you still looking to be eaten? because I do to. I could figure out something for us!!
I wanna be eaten by a snake! If u can help me my email is [email protected].
Please help me out I've been dreaming about this for so long I want to be eaten by a snake too for real no joke [email protected]
Well I can say this I know I'm not small enough to be a snake snack but I would love to find out what its like to be coiled by one. Starting at my feet and letting it go up as far as it can on me. But like I said I know I'm not small enough to be swallowed by a large python but to let it try to take one of my legs so I can sit there and watch it and feel what happens I've done lots of research on how to get my leg out after it takes all it can I would like to find out for real. Till that day comes all I have is my imagination and lots of artwork online. Take care and good luck hope I can find out for myself if there is anybody near Houston, Texas lets chat and see what can happen later. Cayne
Answered Feb 23, 2013
hey I want to be swallowed to msg me on ehelp we can chat about it!!
Answered Jul 21, 2013
hey snakepleaseeatme are u still looking to be eaten?
Answered Aug 05, 2013
I wanna get eaten by a snake irl. Email me if u can get me eaten by a snake in the USA!
if any one has got a pet snake I like to be his food I be naked and it can eat me so if you live in bristol got a nice place put snake inside I go round your place so if you go out just leave me with the snake than I can strip off naked lay down on the flour and let the snake eat me so when you come back I be inside the snake so all you need to get ride of is my trouser and the rest of my cloths so if you want you can watch your snake eat me or go out for a few hours I want to be the snakes food so you need not feed the snake as it will eat me
Answered Aug 28, 2013
[email protected] email me :p I live near Bristol
I would willing drive to your location if it meant I would get eaten by a snake
Is that Bristol TN snakeowner3? if so I would totally drive there to be a snake's meal [email protected] anything to be in its belly!!! Oh man I can't wait to be digested I'm so excited!!!
U won't get eaten but yout feet might if u ent carefull
Answered Oct 19, 2013
i feel the same way I want to be swallowed alive by a snake im 5ft 1in around 110 pounds and I would love to be swallowed alive by a snake feet first
Answered Nov 26, 2013
R u male or female?
I want that too .... with the feet first :-)
Same here! Want to be a snakes meal.
I'm with you guys too. I want to become snake food. Alive & feet first.
i to be snake food to :-)
I would like to see something as video
Answered Dec 04, 2013
Just reading the Question and comments..Words cannot explain.

Answered Dec 17, 2013
Answered Dec 18, 2013
I've always wanted to become a snakes meal too. Please eat me someone?
Answered Jan 10, 2014
I can eat you :3
You can eat me ;3
Glad I’m not the only one who wants this
WTF are you out of your mind that is so dumb. yes I have a snake it is reb belly black and it will not want to eat you.
Answered Jan 10, 2014
Hey it's not stupid lol it's vore some of us can't help it. I bet I could get u into it.
Vorephilia is a rare philia (okay, genius, I know) which makes you get reeeaaaally damned hot by seeing/imagining something related to a life form being eaten alive. There are people who feel more excitated about both being eaten (preys, in related jargon), being the one eating (preds), or just seeing it in third person (dk).
There's a lot of art made by voreaphiles about practically everything you can imagine but plenty of voreaphile people notice the thing while seeing weird things in youtube or watching a film's special effects (I got a boner while seeing MIB when I didn't even know what was a boner. I asked my father if that meant I was a alien >.<).
For practically all 'preys', being eaten by a snake is like, I dunno, maybe having a threesome with the two hottest girls in the world, later the 'it implies dying' thing comes up, more strongly when you realize that the snake would surely kill you BEFORE swallowing you (yes, that feels like real shit when you first know about it) but we preys are, in survival terms, lucky that snakes are far from the medium man, otherwise maybe some of us would have been diggested by now and if other preys are as sweet and nice as I am, that would have been a shame =^w^=
(if you are casually wondering what it feels to like seeing an animal die in 'hands' of an african rock python, or even have the awfuller death ever being diggested alive; You feel fucking heartless. It's hard to get used to it.)
(also, at least for me, it's been a problem with the couple thing, I'm almost an adult and I found myself some months ago doubting about my own sexuality because I had practically never looked at normal porn or interested the way some people describe in women, but as the gender is not decisive in swallowing, some of you could get really disturbed if I uploaded some things that I found damn hot when I first saw them. Seriously, my libido is so fucked up that everytime I see both normal porn or vore I start arguing myself about if that's hot for my natural unsconscius mind or if I've alienated it so much that it no longer can identify real subjective hottness and I should never look at it again, preventing me from being relaxed enought to get hot. Shit, I've a problem, plz if anyone of you have lived this, answer me.)
Answered Jan 25, 2014
i want someone to come into my home when im not there and wait for me then eat me when im naked and horny and vaunerable. ill even give my address and leave all my windows and doors unlocked
Easy way to get everything stealed from your house :D :D :D glad you haven't put your address right on your account info here. Srsly, it might be possible to make some money tricking the right people...

PD: just in case that was a direct indirect, I'm a prey and a so far from the USA one.
You may think I'm kind of silly for even thinking of it srsly but, haven't you wondered what people could end up doing in order to mid-satisfy some impossible fetish? :|
ill eat u and yes I have lol I want it sooo bad.
Massive anaconda snake here in uk can eat. Humans so intrested email me

Be aware. Snake will constrict ,

Email a pic and see if u fit in snake

[email protected]
Answered Jan 28, 2014
im very intersted, ill email u, but id like to be swallowed whole and digested alive if u can maybe help it not constrict
I want that too .... with the feet first :-)
Jenny I'll eat you feet first, message me
sighn me up but I to want to eaten and digested alive!
Ok if your willing maybe you could contact me and I'd love to eat you alive, I love the taste of feet and I'd love to have you trapped inside my stomach naked digesting. Would you mind giving me a blow job/ hand job first or do you just want to stick to being food ?
You have no idea how unbelievably painful that would be. (-o-=)
Answered Mar 10, 2014
It would be so amazing though I think it would feel pretty nice to be swallowed whole in its warm moist mouth coating my soft naked delicious skin into its warm stomach.
That sounds very nice. You just talked me into wanting to become snake food.
Would you like to be my food? You can just lye there as I swallow you whole naked and pleasure you until your inside my stomach making me nice and full. And you can digest slowly as I play with you my bulge in my stomach and masturbate until your gone
If you are looking for it to be painless, then you are all sadly mistaken. Vore is not like the cartoons..If you aren't serious you should be looking.
It WILL hurt, so do yourself a favor and load up on the painkillers. Novocain would be recommended, but then you wouldn't feel anything else.
I however do not mind the pain and I am open to experimentation
mail me at [email protected]
The thing crushes its prey before it its eat. You wouldn't feel your body being eaten
Answered Apr 27, 2014
Is it completely impossible to train a snake to just swallow its prey? I mean if it's willing and not fighting back then why not? Get it while it's young and train it
Or hold it in place and slide yourself into its mouth and let it just eat me
I'm down! I wanna be eaten by a snake, but I live in the USA.
My email is [email protected]. Contact me if u can help me!
It isn't impossible. You just need to figure out how to trick the snake to thinking your outstretched arms, or feet are the "head" of the prey. If you bind a prey animal between your feet, the snake will feel inclined to strike at the feet first therefore constricting the lower waist, and legs.
Yes this WILL hurt. You will have teeth in your feet, and the snake may dislocate your hips through constriction...but you will not be dead.
Just remember your painkillers or Novocain, because as the snake swallows you, every inch will hurt because of the needle sharp teeth dragging the snake up your body.

Answered May 16, 2014
i also want to get eaten by a snake, 15 years old, 230 pounds, fat/weird kid, about 5'8-5'9, want to be swallowed feet first and alive NO CONSTRICTION, no hopes of getting a gf, I want to get cut out or be able to get out alive, I live near NY, if anyone can help me live my dream, please contact me at [email protected]
Answered May 26, 2014
Skinny male, 5'9'' looking to get swallowed. I know a way to bypass the constriction, and make it easier for the snake to get its jaws over my shoulders.
You could consider me free food for your snake, and another paycheck saved.

Send me an email at [email protected] if you have a large snake.
I am located in the US, and can travel.
Answered Sep 02, 2014
I own a large reticulated python if you're interested
I'm very interested
height - 5.6
weight - 140

would that be small enough?
I would feed myself to your snake, if anyone had a big one in Cali
Answered Nov 06, 2014
im so willing!
Answered Dec 27, 2014
I own a pretty large burmese python about 26ft.
Answered May 17, 2015
Let it eat me
is your python realy 26 ft?
I wouldn't mind a nice trip to its stomach...
It can eat me also
Meatboy Apr 10, 2017
eat me too !!!
Yuna Aug 24, 2021
you know, I have a solution to the death problem and constriction problem, if you don't mind losing whatever snake is used.
Answered Oct 01, 2015
You just have two compartments, with a hole only 2-4 inches around (diameter-wise) more than you on the ground so you can lay down, with an (optional) door between the rooms. one room should be where the snake is housed, another is either another snake-friendly room, or just another room. You also have a plastic tube of whatever size you deem best for breathing, and you have one end hooked up on the wall somewhere out of the way and not cloggable, and an end that you can fit into your mouth. You also need a knife, whether switchblade or retractable.
Hypothesis(not tested yet) is that you make you feet appetizing by sticking them in chicken broth, then you put the bottom half of your body into the hole in the wall, snake smells chicken broth and starts to constrict the lower half of your body...
and then, when it finds that you (the prey) isn't dying, either gives up (unlikely) or starts to swallow you feet first. then, once half or more swallowed, you scoot yourself over to the breathing pipe and put the mouthpiece in your mouth and grab the knife(closed) with one of your hands & hold onto it, and allow the snake to continue to swallow you. Make sure to keep your arms up above your head, to make yourself more streamlined when you're sliding down the snake's gullet. Then, after you reach the stomach, when you get bored, or hungry, or dehydrated, or start to not want to die, you use the knife to cut your way out.

I've perfected this in my head in my perverted daydreams.

These descriptions of my perfect plan are giving me a boner, and an ache of wanting.
Don't do it
Answered Jan 15, 2016
Does anyone have a large snake to constrict me?
Answered Mar 24, 2016
I desperately want to be swallowed alive and digested by someones snake, I also wouldn't mind serving the snakes owner in any way possible if that's what it takes to become a tasty snake snack. If anyone is interested in 5'8 and 135 pounds, I will also hand over all of my savings to the snake owner in order to sweeten the deal, I don't care about constriction however I don't want to be fatally constricted, but if the snake itself wraps around my legs and breaks my legs, but swallows the rest of me whole, I'm entirely fine with that. It will further bolster the experience of not being able to escape my fate from such a beautiful and powerful hunter. Please email me at [email protected] if any of you are interested. I have plenty of time and I'd even be willing to travel in order to make this dream a reality. Any takers?
Answered May 08, 2016
I will do whatever it takes, and I do mean anything. I understand how crazy this must sound. And as such would like the chance to talk with any one who owns a large snake so that we can chat first and hopefully arrange for me to offer my fleshy slim body to your snake and allow it to digest me entirely.
I want to be eaten by a snake too so much, problem is I live in UK. If anyone wants to chat about it please message me at [email protected]
Answered Dec 30, 2016
Yeah never heard anything back from them
But still, I really do want to be eaten so much.
A python doesn't necessary constrict before she eats (it would have to be female as a male Python is simply not large enough to swallow you), it's dependant on whether its prey (in this case - you) is fighting back and struggling or not.
It would hurt if you were grabbed by the Python because of its teeth. They are razor sharp and curved back to prevent escape. There would be NO escape for you once she has you. She WILL coil you and constrict you. If she couldn't swallow you head-first then she would then rest before either trying again, or taking you feet-first.
If she took you head first, then you'd probably struggle as you'd not be able to breathe easily, but she would hold tight and carry on eating.
Feet first, would be more desirable as you could live all the way to her stomach.
Clothing would have to be minimal to just a pair of shorts or naked, as that would be a problem later.
The desire to be eaten is not as uncommon as you may think. It's more attached to homosexuality than some care to admit. I've thought about it before now. From being captured by cannibals in some far off place, tied by my wrists and ankles to a pole and carried through the jungle to their village before being eaten by them - especially the younger men - was high on the wish list of death-by-eaten desires.
Being eaten by lions or other big cats or bears was - and still is - of no interest to me.
Crocodiles were briefly before I saw first hand how ferocious they were and that I'd be torn apart before being eaten. Although the idea of the croc being captured and cut open revealing my body and especially legs (hopefully still in my shorts) crops its head up every so often.
However, death by Python consumption remains number one. We've all seen YouTube pics and vids of people being eaten by pythons but they're all fake despite what we'd like to believe.
Yeah, I'd give myself to an able bodied Python tomorrow given the chance.
In order to be swallowed alive and conscious, I'd rub my body with a dead animal to mask my own scent, and (hopefully) fooling the Python into thinking I was already dead, so that she'd dispense with the need for constriction. High pain killer dose would ease the pain from her teeth a bit. The imagining of her working her jaws over my backside while wearing a short style pair of shorts is the main turn on, along with the sight of my feet disappearing down her oesophagus. No doubt I'd then struggle for life as that'd be the natural reaction, but I'd feel comfortable knowing my fate wa to be eaten by a Python was to become a reality.
Answered Feb 18, 2017
It's actually happened! Some guy actually did get swallowed whole by a seven metre Python in Indonesia. This would be the ultimate way to go for the OP wouldn't it - assuming that he hasn't already been devoured by a retic by now. Just hope he was alive as it swallowed him, so he could enjoy the entire process.
I'm 5 foot 7, and a skinny, 97 pound 14 year old. I don't care how it has to happen as long as it does, as long as I get eaten by a snake. I understand the risks, and while I would prefer to get out alive, it probably won't happen. I will do anything for you if you make this happen. I live in bethel, connecticut, and email me at [email protected] if you can help.
Hi I want to be your snakes next meal I will pay $125 to get eaten by your snake contact me at 614-515-0401

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