Church's Judgement on Appearance

Have stopped going to church because the people at the church judged you by your outer appearance? If this has happened, could you please give me a quote, your first name, and a more detailed story since I am writing a paper on Christians, leaving church.
Asked Mar 20, 2012
I havent left but if people r judging u by how u look at a christian church, they need to listen to whats being preached.
Me and my mom used to attend to a Lutheran Church up until I was eleven. There were a lot of older people there, specifically older ladies. My mom was about to turn twenty when she had me and she wanted to raise me as a Christian. My mom would bring me to church and practically every time a lady would ask How old are you? Is that your little sister? What's your last name? After the snooty women got their answers they would respond with Well how old is she? You're too young. Isn't that a Hispanic name? These ladies constantly bothered my mom who was just trying to raise her baby to be a loving Christian! So, my mom thought that this is was Christians are like, so why would I raise my daughter to become this? We left that church a few years later and moved to a different Lutheran Church for middle school. The same thing happened again. In fact, a lady once demanded to know what my last name was. After I graduated, we started attending a non-denominational church. An older lady asked me how old I was. I answered her question. She looked from my face to my mom's and back to mine. She said that I look older than my age. I am very pretty now and I will be very beautiful when I grow up. I could have cried, but I didn't-I smiled. I didn't know what to say but Thank You. If only she knew how much that meant to me=P

Not all churches judge-but each denomination has their own quirks. It just so happens that I find Lutheran churches to be more judgmental than others. But after being raised as a Lutheran, I still think that they are a great denomination.
If you have any more questions about this topic, I would love to answer them:)
Answered May 17, 2012
Edited May 17, 2012
I agree with KOneThreeC. There is a lot in what she's written that explains why so many of the older traditional churches are losing membership and new non-denominational churches are gaining. Religion is about what's inside your head, not what's hanging on the outside of your body.
Answered May 18, 2012
I agree with you, too. How you worded that was very well written.
I am a young Christian girl, I was raised in a Christian family and brought up in a Christian church. All Churches are different, I say that based on experience, but after all we are only human, we all make judgements, even though we shouldn't. I just want to encourage you to keep faith. Please, don't let this experience mould the way you view Christianity.
Answered Sep 25, 2012

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