Is the Christian Church Anti-Science?

Are you a Christian, who left the church because it was anti-science? If you are, could you explain your reason why your left but in more detail?
Asked Mar 20, 2012
I'm not a Christian,but in my opinion, Christian is not's just a faith.
Answered Mar 28, 2012
Wouldn't an anti-science person refuse any medical treatment? Walk instead of riding in a vehicle? Swim across the river to avoid using the bridge? All of those things exist as the result of understanding and using science.

All of the Christian churches I know of are wired for electricity. Many use organs and other electrical music instruments; even the computers we are communicating with. How could they be anti-scientific?
Answered Mar 28, 2012
Well I think the people you're referring to are the Amish and I think Burntorange was thinking more along the lines of Christians who don't agree with evolution, the age of the earth, the big bang instead of "factual science."
Evolution and Science are two different things. The question asks about 'science, not evolution. I'm not referring to any Christian sect nor am I assuming what the person asking the question is thinking. I'm saying, if Christian churches are opposed to science they would not participate in it's benefits.

If you have any answers to the question, put yours up but I don't need you to explain mine.
Rob Mar 30, 2012
I with Rob on the part that someone who is "anti-science" wouldn't participate in its benefits. However, a lot of people who are very religeous do not think that science is a good thing. Take for example, my former piano teacher. She is very religeous and does not really like science. Why? In my opinion, it is because the technological advances are taking away from the church by violating or challanging things in the bibal. I cannot back this up because I am not religeos and haven't read the bibal. However, if you go back through history, you will find that the churches have been known to be very stubborn. They technically can't be anti science, but they can disagree with it.
Answered Mar 30, 2012
Edited Mar 30, 2012
Your teacher should understand there were no pianos or organs in biblical times either. If she uses the biblical criteria, her music would be more like the ding-bang-toot of New Years Eve noisemakers than what we call music today :-)
Rob Mar 30, 2012
Christans,"Science is the explaining of God's miraculous creation."
Me and other atheists,"If only they applied even a hint of reason or logic…"
Answered Feb 09, 2014
Maybe if you did more research you would know that many atheists don't apply a "hint of reason or logic...", on the contrary, many atheists use lots of fallacies. But so do Christians, and everybody else. The difference is many atheists are too scared to admit their flaws.

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