Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend didnt cum inside me?

My period has not come for the month an we had sex before so im kind of confused rite now I dont no if I could get pregnant or not help???
Asked Mar 09, 2012
اگه شما از جلو سکس داشتین ودوست پسرتون تا بیخ جا کرده و آبش رو تو کس شما ریخته شک نکن آبستن هستی! مبارکه

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It isn't very likely but it is possible. Sperm can stick to the penis and when it is inserted again not too long afterwards, the sperm can cause pregnancy. But again, it is very unlikely. If you really think you may be pregnant, then do a pregnancy test.
Answered Mar 09, 2012
Well guys get pre-cum, where they cum and usually don't feel it. That might be it. Try a pregnancy test.
Answered Mar 09, 2012
Answered Mar 11, 2012
Anytime you have unprotected sex, just assume you're going to conceive.

Take a pregnancy test.

Plus, you might want to learn enough about your body to understand when you ovulate so you can avoid sex before and during that time. This site and the book (available at most libraries) can help you with that:

If you're sexually active, you need to understand everything on this page:

Arm yourself with knowledge and you can do a lot to avoid going through this panic in the future. Always use at least two forms of protection even if it's just a condom and a spermicide that works with the condom material. Don't use nothing, and don't rely only on condoms.
Answered Mar 11, 2012
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