How do I know if my gf wants to kiss me

she talks to her friends all the time about it but as soon as I show up she tells them to knock it off.when I ask her friends they say she wants to if I ask her something always interrupts.she acts like she wants to(i think)but then I ruin it by doing something really farting or blushing and turning away or running to the bathroom.i cant tell if she wants to kiss me or she ready or not?
Asked Mar 06, 2012
Edited Mar 06, 2012
You can never tell if someone wants to kiss you when there's a group of people around. There's just too much going on in a crowd for either of you to process that so don't try until you're alone. Give her a hug, look into her eyes, move your face within a few inches of hers and put your farts on hold. :-)

If she wants to kiss you, she will. If she pushes you away or turns her head away, she doesn't want to. In that case, you should respect that and back off.
Answered Mar 07, 2012

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